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Explosive Boundaries: How to Respond Instead of React on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeAs we ramp up for the Boundary Bootcamp, I’ve talking a lot about boundaries. Today I’m covering how to handle people who explode in anger when you draw a boundary or when they’re feeling threatened.

There’s a biological, evolutionary reason why we respond the way we do when we feel threatened. But it doesn’t always serve us in the workplace or in our relationships. So today I’m talking about your blueprint around this kind of outburst and how to keep your cool no matter how explosive people are.

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“What is your own boundary blueprint around rage and explosive anger?” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • Why you have to look at your blueprint around explosive anger
  • Ask yourself the three q’s
  • What is our physical reaction to feeling threatened
  • How to calm yourself down
  • Why it’s bad to be in fight-or-flight all the time
  • The importance of staying calm
  • How to get people to take a time out
  • Try a breathing exercise

“Being in this heightened state a lot is bad for your health.” – Terri Cole

Links Mentioned:

“You don’t want to torch the village of your relationship or your job.” – Terri Cole


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