I blew out my birthday candles, and rather than, as the old superstition dictates, keeping my wish a secret in order to increase the likelihood of it coming true, I am screaming it from the mountain top. Well, I’m not on a mountain, but how about screaming it from atop the social media airwaves? My wish is LOVE, LOVE, and some more juicy, liberated LOVE.

I am a Fearless Love Warrior. When you live from a place of love, you are living from your truth, your authentic nature. You are in sync with the universe and creativity and divinity. You focus on what is and trust that all is as it should be right here, right now. Yet you still strive for better. As Maya Angelou said, “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” So for those things that are a little iffy in your life, if you are clear about what you want to change conjure the feelings of having those things, what I like to call “feel-i-zation”. You don’t just daydream, but you can involve all of your senses to imagine that “dream” being real.

To make these dreams manifest, focus on pouring all of your energy into generously and unconditionally giving love to everyone. When we say the Sanskrit mantra “may all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may my own words, thoughts, and actions contribute to that happiness and to that freedom in someway” we mean ALL beings, even those you don’t like. You have to tune your mind and body to the love channel. Since the universe is all energy, the energy you send is the energy you attract. So, if you’re on a loveless frequency, you have to change the channel. Have you ever noticed that when you’re in love, all seems to be right with the world? That’s because you are jammin’ to LOVE radio, baby!

It’s up to you to make my birthday wish come true! What better gift could you give me than a commitment to love and feel abundance and to see what shifts in your perception, and therefore, reality? To get the good vibes rollin’, here is my dedicated Live Fearless and Free LOVE meditation especially for you. Your massive love title wave is my gift (thank you~I love it!) So spread the love and share your gifts (feel free to share this one with your pals, too!)

Download the LOVE Meditation Here!

Love Love Love


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  1. Oh Terri and to all the beautiful people out there..there is no other way than to focus and trust your inner self. Making the change maybe frightening but stepping out of the box is truly rewarding.
    Happy Birthday..may all your wishes and dreams come true!

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