My episode as a guest expert therapist for the premier of A&E’s “Monster In-Laws” airing tonight at 10:30 pm ET

This is the first installment of a video diary I kept while shooting a reality show for A&E. I can only release the first installment BEFORE the show airs tonight, October 24, 2011 at 10:30 pm ET due to contractual obligations. Look for the other installments TOMORROW!

This show has gone through many edits. It was set to air, then not, and now it definitely is.

Some of you know I was a talent agent for 10 years before becoming a psychotherapist and coach, so I was very wary of doing ANY reality TV. I have been approached on previous occasions and either had no interest in the show concept or, after conveying my unwillingness to be scripted AT ALL, the show’s creators lost theirs.

From the Top

When I got to the hotel, I saged my room from top to bottom and set up my Zen Den.
I had thought long and hard about doing any reality television and would only do it if I could full on be myself and do what I REALLY do in my practice that produces results. They assured me that was exactly what they were interested in capturing.

I only signed a contract for one episode so I would not be committed and we could all walk away if the fit was wrong. Even though I really believed the producer and director were invested in the mental health of the family, I did not know how I would feel until I shot the show.

For now, all I can say about my experience is that transformation can happen under the most unlikely circumstances. Also, I was blessed to work with a new breed of producers from Left Field Pictures who restored my faith in the possibility of true transformative television, and, in the process, I learned as much about myself as I did about my TV family.

What you will see tonight is REAL – no reshooting, no reconstructing. We rode the show, and it was quite a ride…

Check back tomorrow for my recap of the show and your chance to share your thoughts.

Hope you enjoy the premier!
“Monster In-Laws”, Monday, October 24, 10:30 pm ET on A&E network

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  1. First of all I like the combat mask and thereafter I like the drive to try’n solve people’s problems despite difficult terrain and environmental conditions. Lady ya’re groove and naturally so. So God bless ya

    1. BECAUSE! You have been in the last 5 months since I last saw you an incredible inspiration to me and to all of the wonderful gals I see each day. Even though I feel my transformation is going slowly, I have now begun to see the benefits myself and my family are sharing. It is an amazing amazing journey called LIFE. It’s always been there for all of us, but for some strange reason we seem to want to ignore the lessons. A recent quote I read by Vivian Greene says a lot…”Life is not about waiting for the storms to is about learning to dance in the rain.” Take care. Bon

  2. Heh, Terri…well, you finally pulled it off. I was up way past my bedtime, but the show was great and it was impressive to experience your amazing motivational skills. God bless..bon

  3. Aw thanks Teresa! Trust me I wondered if people would think i was A. Nuts B. Not pretty C. Did I mention nuts? for sharing those vids but then realized it is all real and the truth so nothing to fear 😉

    Check back tomorrow when I release all the rest of the videos and what really happened on the set xo

  4. Terri,
    I’ve really enjoyed getting your Live Fearless and Free videos but was not compelled to write until I saw you in your mud mask the night before your debut. You are too much! Talking about your inner truth through your outer mud pack is too funny! Your love for yourself and others is so clearly conveyed by this unpretentious, unadorned video of the true, beautiful you. Thank you for having the courage to leave the Berkshires (where we met at a holiday party) and make your dreams come true. What an inspiration you are! I do not have TV but am sending you prayers and good energy for tonight’s airing. Look forward to hearing about it in future videos/mailings.
    Best of luck, Teresa

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