Self Care in Hostile Times on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

Self Care in Hostile Times on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeDo you feel overwhelmed with the hostility that is in the news?

If you’re wondering how to stay engaged without getting discouraged by the state of the world, then you’re not alone.

If this hostility is impacting you then I have some ideas for you, because it is impacting me as well.

On today’s show, I’ll give you some tips on how to consume news, daily practices to keep your self care strong during hostile times, what we can learn from the difficult times, and more.

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“Don’t just become a receptacle for someone else’s compulsive negativity.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • How to read the news
  • Why self care is important
  • How much sleep do you need
  • What meditation does for our minds
  • How to avoid negative people
  • What we can learn from the news

“These hostile times are so confronting for so many of us, but so much of the confronting that’s going on is important and it is necessary. We are changing and growing as a society.” – Terri Cole

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