Narcissistic Mother? 4 Protection Tips (so YOU can be happy!) on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

Narcissistic Mother? 4 Protection Tips (so YOU can be happy!) on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeIf you have a narcissistic mother, it can make life miserable. There are all different types of narcissism, but in this week’s episode, I share four protection tips so you can draw boundaries with a narcissistic mother.

If you’re looking for more basics about what it looks like to have a narcissistic mother, check out my YouTube video.

For many of you, if you have a narcissistic mother then I bet that you already know it. I hope you can put these four protection tips to use and implement them into your life so that you can actually be happy.


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“It is like a dirty secret if you have a narcissistic mother, because in society we so revere mothers and motherhood.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • How to know if you have a narcissistic mother
  • What is a narcissist
  • What are the different types of narcissists
  • Why we want our parents to be different
  • How narcissists love
  • Why your parents aren’t your fault
  • What is the Gray Rock Method
  • Step One: Accept what you know to be true
  • Step Two: Gain KNOWLEDGE about this mental illness
  • Step Three: Draw boundaries
  • Step Four: Focus on You and YOUR healing

“The little kid in you, just like the little kid in all of us, hopes that it can be different, wants it to be different, wants to be wrong about their parent being a narcissist.” – Terri Cole

Links Mentioned:

“If your mother is a true narcissist, her ability to love you (ACTUALLY love you) is very limited.” – Terri Cole

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  1. Thank you Terri for articulating so succinctly what I’ve experienced my whole life and am still enduring as a 56 yr old woman. Wishing I could meet with you for a session.

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