Do you have children in your life (whether your own biological children, step children, nieces, nephews, etc.) that you love and who love you and look up to you? I wonder if you realize the amazing power you hold to impact them in a positive way that will have a ripple effect into their awesome future.

Being mindful of this power is an important part of loving a child, since careless words can be powerful weapons.

Children who are brought up in a home environment where sharp criticism and cruel taunts are the norm internalize feelings of unworthiness and low self-esteem. These negative self-beliefs are difficult to correct later on in life. Remember, cruelty breed’s cruelty. A child who is made fun of or called names or treated with disdain will become the bully his parents were. That’s the only way he knows how to survive.

Children are impressionable and vulnerable to harsh criticism. Their tender hearts and developing psyche are to be nurtured and protected so they can grow up to fulfill their greatest potential. A child who believes he is unworthy can spend an entire adult life proving his parents “right” with self-defeating choices or dangerous behavior.

I believe children are inherently good and deserve to be loved and cherished. In order for them to grow up healthy, physically and mentally, the caregivers in their life need to hold them in unwavering high esteem.

They are little human computers, downloading everything you say ABOUT them and TO them.

If you are struggling with raising kids or your own parents were abusive with their words and/or actions, you have an opportunity to do it better. Now is not then. There are many skilled family therapists who can help you, right now. You deserve support so you can be your best self as a parent.

I really like this website Positive Parenting, which is full of ideas and support. Check it out!

Have an amazing week and, as always, take care of you.

Love Love Love,


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  1. Hiya Terri , Your mindfullness approach to bringing up children is spot on .I grew up in a household that was very negative and critical and it took many years to shake off the feelings of low self esteem .I have children now and am very aware how susceptable they are to negatives as they grow into adults Positive parenting all the way.

    Suzanne in Berlin (Germany)

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