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If you’ve been around for a minute then you know that I’m all about boundaries these days. In my research to see what’s out there about boundaries, I came across my guest today, Kasia Urbaniak, and I’m so excited to bring her on today’s show.

Kasia is the founder and CEO of The Academy, a school that teaches women the foundations of power and influence. Her perspective on power is really unique, and she has studied all over the world learning from different teachers about power dynamics.

You’ll love what she has to say on today’s show as she addresses the #MeToo movement, how to deal with sexually dismissive comments, and more.


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“I try to give women the kind of tools that are as damage-proof as possible. Effective, practical, but ones that won’t create unnecessary detonations.” – Kasia Urbaniak

Show Notes:

  • What is power
  • How to become a dominatrix
  • What is a dominatrix
  • How Trump’s election influenced women
  • What is verbal self-defense
  • How to teach people to respect women
  • The importance of saying no

“With #MeToo there was a lot of men in the world who went ‘ok, but nobody told me. What do you mean, I should have known?’.” – Kasia Urbaniak

Links Mentioned:

Facebook Twitter | KASIA URBANIAK

“The most effective language to use is a question. And the most effective question to use is a question about the communication that was spoken.” – Kasia Urbaniak

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