When someone asks how you’re doing, what do you say? Really stop and think. Does your automatic response include how HARD it all is?

When you continually say things are hard, stressful or exhausting, you are affirming and manifesting this as your continued reality.

What do you think would happen if you rocked some present moment consciousness in your conversations and stopped affirming the negative?

When you change your language, you change your mind and your energetic vibration.  If you start to say you have no doubt things will fall into place or that divine order is happening in this experience right now, you raise your vibration and your experience will start to shift.

So here is your IT’S SO HARD throw down challenge: for ONE WEEK, no affirming it’s hard but instead affirming it’s getting better. Get present and turn off the auto pilot conversation button and try on this new language…and see what happens.

Please circle back and drop a comment here about your experiment experience. If you like the tip, be sure to click the “like” button for all your Facebook friends (Cuz we both know lots of them need to do this experiment too!)

Have an amazing easy breezy week and take care of you.

Love Love Love,


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  1. Thank you for sharing, “When you change your language, you change your mind.”

    You asked, “When someone asks how you’re doing, what do you say?”

    I stopped and thought about my usual answer: Not too bad!

    I thought it was kind of a positive, humorous answer… but maybe not so much.

    Then, I asked people around me, what feelings, impressions when someone answers, “Not too bad”? I got conflicting answers.

    What do you think of the answer, “Not too bad”?



    The natural state interacts with the divine state (atma) in the context of your ordained karma in what people call Maya or virtual reality. Let us look at this in simpler terms as probably what the Buddhists believe. Over a series of births… your atma (link to God or soul) has become a repository of all virtues that you have achieved in those births. These virtues are but links through which you can draw on your achieved knowledge base. Now you are subject to a new birth in conditions of your choosing (heavenly route) or otherwise (punitary). Nature’s limitations will be imposed based on your destined task/role on earth. You are an interacting entity of your own responsible for reacting and eliciting reactions of all those you interact with in a life time. Say you have to play act a thief (Maya) to validate another person’s duty as a policeman. Could be a role reversal from your previous birth when your sincerety to duty was not fully optimised. Herein comes into play the three reactive states of a human being. Tamas- where you dream of getting something without effort (childhood and shamming off paternal wealth later), Rajas -You address your achieving of aims through proactive effort. Saatwic- You draw from the repository of current achievements and your atma to perform duty/karma without attachment as a guru (duty for duty’s sake). Now Nature’s desires draw you into a state of confusion along with societal and environmental pressures. Your steadfastness in progressing from Tamas to Rajas and Saatwa in all your desire related responses is going to be your spiritual growth which takes you out of the animal state gradually into a human state and ultimately into a state of the gurus, saints or Godly people. The ultimate achievement is when your repository of the Atma is full of divinity despite the Maya (Virtual Reality) of human life and desires can no longer overcome your intellect or sublime unaffected surrender to God’s will. Bless you with progress onto your divinity.

    Life is’nt simple. You can simplify it to your level at any given time for your own peace of mind and self esteem. But to attain enlightenment which you seek you have to see it the way it is and not the way you want it to be. Like any other knowledge you have to progress your thought from one consolidated point to another. You will never be able to explain it to others who dont attain your level unless they unblock themselves and persevere more to perceive more.Postures and stances adopted by some to achieve their level need not necessarily help you find the same solution. You cannot situate a model to understand life’s truth. You have to raise your own level the way God has environmentally prepared you to. A great physically fit sportsman is nobody once he falls ill and loses body vigour. The path is sustained balance and control on one’s mind related to one’s responses to stimuli and desire. Either splurge on genuine desire and attain a state of self control after satiation by removing the seed of enticement or try to understand the fruits of the enticement and overcome it without splurging. The latter is a tougher path and all paths lead to the same goal in the finite space and time given to you in this life. Every enjoyment of desire has a defined and finite threshold level for each separate individual beyond which saatwa or satiation evolves. Find it. When you have achieved sufficient self control based on internal (genuine)enlightenment (and not restrictions or self imposed blind unfocussed denials) then you realise that certain powers of selfless empathy and productivity will arise in you which people call miracles. It is a tough path but the path is there if you will find it. It may not be found in one lifetime unless your repository of your atma or Concience within you has attained the desired levels of purity through the various levels of trials and tribulations that ya have responded to with equanimity and knowledge over a period of lives/births that you have undergone. God bless you in your pursuit to achieve your level.

    Investigation of life’s truth is like skimming the surface of an ocean with generic and own threshold level based perceptions. Remember knowledge is not rote and splurge. Knowledge is progressive application and discovery of focussed feasibilities and solutions to achieve finite levels of perfection at any given time/space.

    Let me simplify it further. A simple truth like the making of a Apple Tablet PC. You can assemble it, use it and repair it. Can you as a novice design it alone with hardware software and client interactions on your own whatever your IQ level and thereafter precisely produce it and price it competitively? You need a system, infrastructure, varied trained people, interaction etc to achieve that state and it takes time. So focus of your dhyanam or search along the right lines is desirable. Do you really need the knowledge? Search within you and find the aim of your life and change adapt accordingly. Every life cycle is different but integrated into one whole reality. Love your life for what it is worth and live today within the stipulates of your concience as far as possible notwithstanding the pressures of Prakriti imposed on you by wordly duties and relationships. Love everyone for what they are without surrendering your concience if you can. God bless the world.


    What if I say the spirit is actually a sum total accretions of innumerable births as a deposit of purified virtues. This is read only and can be tapped by the mind to resolve personal conflicts effected by the interaction of the environment (bodily response through senses with the world around you) with the mind. If you take a regressive step and use only your mind against your conscience (ATMA) then there is a resultant reduction of virtues within you which you have to rebuild. Life is a test wherein the joys, trials and tribulations result in an opportunity for you to raise your level(bank) of virtues. You can deceive the world through manipulation of perception-but you cannot deceive yourself.Your own inner self which is referred to as spirit/atma is your guiding light if you would strive and find it. There is no better path for you than the inner urgings of purified goodness that raises you before the prakritic animalistic state of ‘mind only’.

    You dont nurture the spirit. The spirit or atma (soul) is untainted and unsulliable. You can only nurture your mind’s interactive tapping of the (read only) pristine knowledge-base of your atma. In other words you can link up to God’s Information kiosk of data which is embedded in your inner self as the guiding spirit. How you utilise the knowledge will depend on the level of your evolution from the animal state towards the humane intellect and later onto the purified state of Godliness. The Tamas, Rajas and Satwic states within you.


    The essence of Buddha is the sharing of the knowledge of the path to truth of emancipation within you. Sharing worldly objects is actually a preliminary act wherein you question and overcome your animalistic desire ridden attachments to objects. This results in an awakening of your inner self which guides you unto a higher state of self realisation and harmony. Detachment is actually ,recognition of the realistic value of wordly objects within the purview of the ordained path of your current life. Everyone has to find his own path within the ambit of his opportunities and liabilities.


    Count those little blessings and you’ll find that life is a veritable saga of lovable miracles. Find solutions to all your problems by tapping on yourself and the environment around you. Once the I merges into the WE there are only solutions and blessings all around you.

    The lotus that floats on water even if it is muddy remains untainted and pure. Symbolically the significance in spiritual maturityis that you should try to remain as pure and pristine within yourself as the lotus flower despite the varied effects of the environment around you. Can you achieve that level of self reliance ,confidence and endurance to face up to all trials, tribulations or joy with serene equanimity?


    It is difficult for you to consider love as a solution to counter evil doers. Troops will still have to respond to 9/11 and 26/11 type of incidents wherein selfless soldiering will always be required. Spiritualism only improves the person within you and does not restrict your ordained wordly duties. The difference is simple: -a spritually evolved soldier will shoot an aggressor as duty for his country whereas another evil soldier would in the guise of doing the same duty kill in the name of the country either to rob, loot or gain a personal aggrandisment/payoffs. There is a thin line of difference here depending on the environmental triggers,acceptable perceptions and integrity of leaders/soldiers .


    “i would just send him/her(ET) pictures or video attachments of the ocean and then explain in whatever interface language we got (provided I have the vocabulary) about the ocean. Love is a highly misinterpreted word. Can we qualify and quantify such an abstract agenda which differs with varied people? The love of God is what you naturally do by empathising with the needs of those needy around you without lookin out for brownie points or reciprocity and achieve genuine happiness within yourself when your plans fructify into solutions of your aim thereof. The word Karma and Care within the framework of Karma is the only equation that exists, which you could categorise in various facets of love. We need not search for love. Every individual is born with various levels of love within the stipulates of his karma. Work within the gunas of your karma: Tamas , Rajas and Satwic till you understand the reality of love and the intrangisence of Maya. If your body’s smallest atom has subatomic particles like protons , electrons and neutrons which further are made up of various arangements of photons , which further exists only because of sub sub structures-where is the begining?-Infinity. Go beyond your solar system into space: where is the quantifiable limit –Infinity again: So what are you and who are you? A reality created within the confines of Infinitesmal abyss. This is Maya. To trancend beyond the confines of Maya is not humanely possible till you seek the path of Moksh which is what Shangrila was all about. Atharv ved of the Hindus , now a dying celestial knowledge was the path known only to a very few today and that too grossly inadequate. It still is the path. God bless ya”

  3. I needed to hear this message, Terri. Thank you! I affirm daily how “hard” it is, and I vow to say it’s getting better! Blessings to you!

  4. Hey Terri,
    This came right at the right moment. Thank you, it resonates a lot with me and I will join you all in this adventure.

  5. Hi Terri! It resonates a lot!! I think most people have this problem and I’m going to take your challenge for a week (I’m going to get really positive about this low iodine diet I have to follow and how it’s not really “sooo hard.”) Thanks for the fabulously timely message!

    1. Rina-I am happy it resonated and I can tell you in all truth I consciously shift my thinking about 5 times every single day!
      So grateful for the present moment consciousness that allows me to do it!

  6. I was going to post a smart comment…but…it’s…so….haaaaaard. Very relevant any time of the year any day of the week.

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