We live in an era of instant gratification. We know what we want, and Google can tell us where to get it fast. In many ways this has made life incredibly easy. Things are happening at a record pace, and technology keeps trying to break it’s own record in terms of convenience and timing.

Yet for many people, this has lead to a mindset that all things in life should happen at record speed. So when it comes to the business of your dreams, finding a soul mate, or the book deal, you want it to have happened, yesterday.

Do you feel like you’ll only be happy when…?

When things don’t happen in your time frame it can be incredibly frustrating. Many people either tend to lose faith, or force solutions that don’t end up actually bringing forth their desired results. As my dear pal Kris Carr says, you can’t yell at your kale to make it grow faster.

Do you find yourself worrying that life won’t happen according to your plan?

Beyond your idea of what should happen, and when, there is a divine order. As spiritual activist and author Marianne Williamson often says, this is a self-organizing and self-correcting universe: the embryo becomes a baby, the bud becomes a blossom, the acorn becomes an oak tree. Clearly, there is some invisible force that is moving every aspect of reality to its next best expression. Trust in the force. Take a moment to look back at the timing of your own life and remind yourself that…

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When you can relax into the flow of life, you can enjoy the process more. Try to stay connected to the way you want to feel and have faith that the details are being worked out. You’ll feel more relaxed and at ease with, and in the present moment. Remind yourself that as long as you put forth the effort and take the necessary steps towards your dreams, good things will come your way.

I’d love for you to share with me in the comments below one situation that you would like to surrender to divine timing. Then throughout this week, if a moment should arise where you begin to feel stressed or frustrated that things aren’t happening according to plan, take a breath, and come to back to this blog. Use it as a gentle reminder that life is unfolding as it should. There is a master plan, and your happiness is very much a part of it.

Have a divine week and as always, take care of you

Love Love Love




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  1. Before it even started I had a date lined up but then came across as indecisive and cost myself a chance with a girl I know would have been a near perfect match for me and me for her. a great emotional/intelectual/spiritual/sexual exchange opportunity has gone begging and I have spent the last 9 months not being able to move on and forgive myself for not realising in the moment what I had in front of me. Ive only felt this way about a few people before and can see light pouring out of her eyes. Have had to watch from afar as she dates others that never goes anywhere.

    1. Hi Jack, I am witnessing you with compassion and I am holding space for your feelings as you navigate this difficult time. ❤️

  2. Honestly, I feel stuck!

    I been in my Bible more, but it’s like I’m realizing I need to get it together.

  3. Thank you so much for your advice Terri! ?
    I’ve been having a strong gut feeling about my relationship with my bestfriend. I can feel in my heart that he his the one I want to be with. But my gut feeling makes me feel as though I should not be with him at this moment. I’m scared to let him go because when I have I just run back to him. He’s perfect for me in every way but it frightens me to let him go because of all the what if’s that can happen. About him or I finding another partner.

    1. Nora,
      I am confused by your conflicted feelings. You say your gut says he is the one for you but not at the moment. Does this mean down the road you would want to get back with him and hope he has not found another relationship? Can you say more about why you feel now is not the right time?

  4. Your article certainly resonated with me. I am surrendering a situation to divine timing at the moment with a woman who feels like the one. Following a bereavement and a house move she was so busy that she didn’t allow herself time to grieve and when emotions started bubbling up inside her during our holiday (there were moments she seemed very sad) she ended the relationship when we got back. My gut instinct feels like there’s something just around the corner but I can’t see what. Right now I’m just surrendering everything to divine timing and whether I have a relationship with this woman again or someone else comes along I will have to wait and see. I’m taking this time to focus on me and manifest on what I want.

    1. Stephen,
      Good for you and thank you for sharing here! Surrender can be so challenging but sometimes the only right action. I am intending that the right and perfect thing will fall into place for you. Stay strong 😉

  5. hello, what about a dream that comes true and then dies? My dream of having beautiful landscaping to block out the neighbors came true. My backyard was like a park. The bad weather this year destroyed 50% of the trees and now the neighbors can look right into my backyard. So, now I have a new dream of beautiful landscaping to block the neighbors. Ugh! I takes years for plants and trees to grow.
    p.s. love you and your writings!

    1. Hi Clay, thanks for your kind words.
      In every situation there is an opportunity for growth. You can most definitely mourn your dream yard, look at old pictures, remember how the grass felt on your feet. You can love the old while building something new. I have no doubt you’ll make your new dream a reality. In the meantime stay focused on all that you DO still have, gratitude is key 🙂

  6. Great post! I’m struggling as I’ve found out I can’t have any more children naturally and due to start IVF. It’s so hard to sit back and trust when It’s something you want so much that you just can’t control

    1. I’m sorry to hear that Zoe, though how wonderful you have the option of IVF. It can feel very difficult to sit back and trust when the circumstance you are facing is one as life changing as having a baby. I wish you the best of luck with everything and want to remind you that through this process remember to keep taking extra special care of you.

  7. Thank you for your post, Terri. I am surrendering my situation with a man (who I am almost certain is the one) to divine timing. We tried a relationship but the timing most certainly was not right for us. There are too many external factors and forcing keeping us apart right now, but I am keeping faith that divine timing will bring us back together when the moment is right. Thanks again, Terri.

  8. Terri,
    Thanks so much for your timely post. I feel as though I’m in the midst of a lot of uncertainty and transition (leaving a current job) and I want to surrender the burning questions in my heart to divine timing. As Rainer Maria Rilke wrote, I’m looking to live my way into the answer. I appreciate the clarity of your advice, especially around remembering how I want to feel. Your reminder to always take care of me is always reassuring, especially in this time of transition. Many thanks.

    1. Karina,
      I am so happy you are here and that this post came at just the right time for you! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing that amazing quote of ‘Living my way into the answer.’ That feels much better than forcing the answer 😉

  9. This is a very good reminder that God is at work and in control. I am very isolated and unhappy where I currently live. I have been trying to get a job back home where I want to be, in a city, by the sea and with long-time friends that a dearly miss and it isn’t going at internet speed as I would like. This is a very good message that was delivered at the perfect time. Thank you!

    1. Mae,
      Thank you for your comment.Yes just keep taking action everyday towards your end goal, with the knowledge that God or the Universe is endlessly conspiring in your favor and you will find the right and perfect job to bring you home xo

  10. This is a good one for me. Most of my friends are married, have houses and children. Although I’m engaged, I don’t have the house, husband or children yet (and I’m 41 today!) it’s a good reminder to “stay in the day” and trust that things will work out as they are meant to.

    1. Laurie,
      Congrats on finding your love 😉 I really like, ‘Stay in the day.’ Such a good reminder to savor the sweetness of this moment as it will never be here again. When you are knee deep in kids stuff you will wish to take a shower ALONE or go to the bathroom without a little human on the other side needing something from you (this very moment!) lol! So enjoy this time alone with your man as the other will be here before you know it!

  11. Thank you for this post Terri, the timing of the post, (the topic of which happens to be about timing!) was perfect – a much needed reminder for me. I find myself in a place where I am feeling stuck, and I am trying to strike a balance between taking action steps and surrendering to divine timing. It is a daily process that takes a lot of awareness and strength, and today I felt like I was losing my grasp on both of those things. Thank you for helping me gain some insight and perspective.

  12. Hi Terri
    For a long time I have been feeling unsettled and unhappy with where I am living, (many years ago we moved our family here to be nearer to my husband’s family). However, I want to go “home” to my place of birth and friends and family there. We are currently trying to sell our house and relocate this summer as it fits in with our children’s schooling etc. However, as we know, things don’t always go to plan! We have had interest on our house but no buyers as yet. We only have a small window of opportunity left to make this happen in the desired time frame. We can’t look for something else until we have a buyer…. it’s such a vicious circle and very stressful. I am trying to hold everything together and hoping so much that we can make this happen for our family as we have really sold the idea of returning to the other place to our kids. I feel like everything is out of my control and I have no power over my own destiny! I am trying to trust in divine timing but am not finding it easy! Any words of support will be greatly appreciated. With love from The UK x

    1. Katylouise,
      I feel you. I have maybe an odd suggestion that helped when I was in a very similar situation. I buried a St. Joseph’s statue upside down in the backyard of the house we needed to sell as instructed http://www.st-josephstatue.com/st_joseph.htm and then visualized and felt the feelings of it selling fast after that and it did. It would be great if it worked out in your timing but don’t quit and wither way sooner or later it will work out. Instead of stressing it, try to take the time a few times a day to visualizing getting a great offer and feeling the feelings of relief and gratitude you will feel when it happens. Sending great vibes from NYC! xo

      1. Thank you for replying Terri 🙂 I have never heard of the practice of burying a St Joseph statue before but I am open minded and willing to try anything!! Thank you for your thoughts and support. Every day I start my day with an affirmation that came to me during meditation “I have every faith in the universe to bring about any changes, if necessary, that will benefit the whole family”. There is no time scale involved here so maybe I need to address that and I will try the visualisation also. Many thanks x

  13. Thanks Terri!

    Such great timing as today I have been feeling overwhelmed, like I am spinning my wheels in life and business. This is a great reminder that its all part of the bigger plan something greater:) It’s so important to keep this mind but its so easy to lose sight of.

    1. Sarah I’m so glad this was timely for you! Keep coming back to the post throughout this week for the reminder and if you need support. All my best.

  14. It wasn’t until later in life I found my life’s purpose and have a sense of urgency that leads to wanting things to happen sooner than later. I would love to surrender and just let what I know is meant for me. It is easier said than done. Time to breathe Nd hold to my intentions. ❤

    1. Kathy it is easier said than done, though when we make a daily commitment to surrendering to the divine plan, it can feel easier and easier. Keep up the good work.

  15. Thanks Teri for sharing in the wisdom. I especially like the last line of yours “there is a master plan and your happiness is very much part of it”.


  16. Hi Terri,

    Your post today definitely hit home for me. Thank you for being a positive, vibrant force in the lives of many. I am also a clinical psychologist (in-training), and really admire the work that you do. Surrendering to life and accepting things are going to just work out is no easy task, but I have realized there is indeed a unified field of LOVE that surrounds us all and knows exactly what we need vs. what we want. Today, I am surrendering my attachment to finding the perfect living accomodations for my family. I found a great space this weekend, only to find out that I won’t be able to take the place. I was really bummed about it, but I also know that doors always open for me and the right place will come as long as I am making the effort to find it. : )

    Peace & Blessings


    1. Tanishia I am so glad the post was so timely for you. I hope it can be of some help and bring you peace during your search for living accommodations. What a perfect reminder and affirmation “Doors always open for me!” Thank you for your kind words and comment.
      All my best.

  17. Hi Terri,

    I love your posts, especially this one. I have noticed every time that I waited for divine timing instead of my own timing, life works so much better! So now when I want something in my life, I release it to God and it is either delivered or not. And for that, I am always thankful and have no need for worry. Amazing!

  18. Hi Terri,

    This is so timely for me. I’ve been very anxious about my career I keep reminding myself that a way will be made. Be patient and keeping on moving forward. Sometimes it’s really hard but I find that its really just a choice to stay committed. Committed to the fact that the universe is conspiring in my favor and committed to the fact that I am on my right path.

    1. Samiyah, you are so right in saying that it is a choice to stay committed, just as it is a choice to surrender to the divine plan. The Universe is supporting you, and I am too, keep up the good work!

  19. Great post Terri – as always you have something to say that is timely and resonates! The situation I need to surrender isn’t just things not going as planned, but coming up with a plan itself! I find myself trying to think my way through everything and just end up thinking in circles. Surrendering is SO hard but in the times that I have done it, that’s when the real ideas started to flow. Thanks for your wise words!

      1. You are so right ,leaving thing to Divine order make so much sense to me. I had not thought about it that way. I would surrender my wish to find that perfect business I would like to start someday. A business that will help service people in some way . Thanks for your wisdom .Martin

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