So You Can Feel How You
 Really Want to Feel this Season 

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Do you want to THRIVE instead of simply SURVIVE the holidays?

Want to feel and do something different this year, but have no idea how to get started?

In this course, psychotherapist and women’s empowerment coach Terri Cole shares her best boundary strategies to help you create more joy, peace and new traditions that resonate with your truest heart this season. 


You find it difficult to say no, draw boundaries or speak truthfully when it comes to making plans for what you’ll do/cook/bring/attend during the holiday season.

You want more space in your mind, body and calendar so that you can feel peaceful (even if you’re stuck in holiday traffic!)

You keep going to the same stressful holiday parties year after year because you’re afraid to hurt anyone’s feelings OR you don’t know how to get out of them.

You could use the help of a Holiday Conversation Cheat Sheet to shut down intrusive questions, hurtful or tone-deaf comments or avoid being trapped in conversation hell at family gatherings. 

You know there has to be a better way to do the holidays than repeating the same cycle of obligation and burn out that leaves you feeling exhausted instead of excited! 

You do have a choice, regardless of what you’ve “always” done for the holidays. You do have a choice, regardless of what you’ve “always” done for the holidays.

Instructor Profile

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Terri Cole is a New York-based, licensed psychotherapist, relationship expert and founder of Real Love Revolution and Boundary Bootcamp, her two female empowerment courses reaching women in over 25 countries.

Prior to her current incarnation as a love and relationship expert, Terri was a bi-coastal talent agent negotiating endorsement contracts for supermodels and celebrities. Her lack of satisfaction in the world of entertainment led her to change careers in her 30’s to become a psychotherapist and female empowerment expert. For the past two decades, Terri has worked with some of the world’s most well-known personalities from international pop stars, athletes, Broadway performers and TV personalities to thought-leaders and Fortune 500 CEOs. She empowers over one hundred thousand women weekly through her published articles and blog posts, therapeutic meditations, online courses, and her popular podcast, The Terri Cole Show.

Terri's strategies combine practical psychology, eastern mindfulness practices plus harnessing the power of intention to create sustainable positive behavioral change i.e. true transformation.

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  1. Take an honest holiday inventory so you can decide what is and what’s NOT working for you without guilt or shame.
  2. Draw boundaries, speak your truth, nix the family drama, and if necessary, decline that invitation gracefully. (YES! You can say no even if it’s the holidays!) 

  3. Raise your awareness of the unconscious material that might be keeping you stuck in holiday hell so that you can feel free to choose differently. 

  4. Build new holiday traditions that really mean something to you and yours and support exactly how you want to feel. 

  5. Make mindful decisions and take empowered action so you can be truly present to all of the blessings this season can bring. 

  6. Create a step-by-step Pro-Active Holiday Boundary Plan to bring the joy back into this time of year! 

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Healthy Holidays Thrive Guide 75 - Minute Video Training with Terri Cole

Learn how to identify and prioritize your own desires and set healthy holiday-specific boundaries. Terri walks you through how to create more space, calm, peace, and JOY for you this season. 

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Holiday Inventory

A tool to help you make an honest assessment so you can get off holiday “auto-pilot” and make conscious decisions for yourself and your family that feel GOOD.

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The Holiday Conversation Cheat Sheet

Strategies and actual language and scenario-specific scripts to help you get through the holidays with ease and grace.

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Your Pro-Active Holiday Success Plan 

Your Pro-Active Holiday Success Plan - A four-step guide to help you create a season that’s more aligned with how you want to matter what you’ve done in the past. 

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A Guided Therapeutic Meditation

A guided meditation to create inner calm in the chaos at any moment.

You CAN transform this season from something you dread or just “get through” into something you cherish and anticipate joyfully each and every year. 


"Healthy boundaries is one of the most powerful issues that women need to experience and master.  Terri really knows what she's talking about”

Danielle LaPorte - Desire Map Author, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Blogger

"Terri is a master at guiding people to create boundaries that serve not only their highest but also the highest of those in their lives. 

Working with Terri around boundaries has been game-changing for me and has healed some of the most significant relationships in my life."

Kate Northrup, Creator of Origin & Bestselling author of Money: A Love Story

"Through my work with Terri, I have discovered that stating my boundaries actually makes me more - not less - lovable.

And it means that ultimately, I have more energy, compassion, and time, which helps me to be my best self."

Gala Darling , Speaker & Author of  Radical Self Love

Learn how to honor your own desires so you can have a deeply satisfying and healthy holiday this year...and every year here after.
$97 $37
  • 75min Video Training
  • Holiday Conversation Cheat Sheet
  • Your Pro-Active Holiday Success Plan
  • Holiday Inventory Tool
  • The Holiday Conversation Cheat Sheet
  • Guided Therapeutic Meditation

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