I went to my first holiday party this weekend, and there’s many more on the calendar in the next three and a half weeks. I am sure the same is true for many of you. The office party, the clients sending food baskets, the neighborhood drop-ins…

It boils down to the same thing: too much food and drink. It seems as though we haven’t even digested the tofurkey, and now we’re bombarded with Christmas cookies, eggnog, gingerbread anything, and all those yummy goodies that only come around this time of year, so we have to eat it while we can, right?

And who has time to exercise when you’re busy party hopping, decorating, shopping, travelling, and planning gatherings?

It’s enough to sabotage even the fiercest wellness warrior!

This sets you up for the annual New Year’s resolution. Since all of your good habits went to hell in a hand basket for the past two months, it is time for redemption. The over indulging during the holidays can inspire unrealistic resolutions around diet and exercise starting in January. (Kind of like the time, after a particularly decadent holiday vacation, I resolved to go to ninety Bikram yoga classes in ninety days, and, yeah, I didn’t.)

It can be overwhelming and exhausting just thinking about it! Where to begin undoing the damage?

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If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. We’ve all been there or are there right now. The real question is how to make diet and exercises choices and changes that are sustainable all year round.

I want all of you to live your best life. Not just for a couple months, but for as long as you are living in your temple on this earth. In order for this to happen, your mind, your body, and your spirit all have to be nurtured and nourished on a regular basis.

Changing anything is hard work. Throughout your life, you have accumulated beliefs, habits, and experiences that shape your thoughts about yourself. Oftentimes, you can’t sustain the changes you implement because you haven’t peeled back the limiting beliefs or stories you have about yourself and “the way it is.” If you have a negative script about your health or weight that you reinforce with your thoughts and words, your desired change can’t stick because it is not aligned with a core belief.

Below are a few examples of limiting beliefs statements I have heard from clients:

“I’ll never lose these ten pounds. Every time I try, I just wind up gaining it back and then some.”

“My sister got the best body in the family; I am the smart one.”

“My entire family is built like me. It is in my genes.”

“My mother never lost the baby weight either.”

“I’ve always been sickly. I am used to it”

As Joseph Bernard, Ph.D. said, “If your underlying messages are negative, a topping of whipped up positive attitude and a dusting of chocolate won’t be very effective. The core of who you are needs to shift.” EXACTLY!

I had so many clients talking about their holiday mayhem cycle, that a pattern emerged. What they are really struggling with is creating and sustaining a healthy way of life that is balanced and do-able for busy people. They were not exclusively talking about overindulging at the holidays and then trying to undo it with overpromising with their resolutions. They were basically saying they needed to transform rather than simply change the way they approach their health.

So we started with becoming mindful of language. Words like “diet” and “lose” are a set up for failure because of negative feelings associated with them. They conjure feelings of lack and constriction rather than abundance and expansion. As part of my work, I teach clients to flip their script on these limiting beliefs, understand the origin of the injury, and effectively use affirmations to inspire change.

But I wanted an expert to weigh in on the physical and dietary component of creating sustained health. Therefore, I enlisted the expertise of my pal, Dr. Frank Lipman, a pioneer and internationally recognized expert in the fields of Integrative and Functional Medicine.

Frank and I sat down over many hours and many days brainstorming about health and wellness from the physical and psychological perspective. Dr. Lipman shared that many patients struggle with health and weight issues caused by food allergies. It is necessary to be diagnosed with a food allergy or intolerance to gluten, for example, which leads to inflammation (a.k.a. bloat, poor digestion, suppressed immune function, fatigue, depression, anxiety). Also, there are many foods that impair cognitive and other bodily function. And then there are the chemicals we ingest in our food that are toxic and addictive.

So, Dr. Lipman and I made it official, and with our combined years of research, created a 21-Day Mind/Body Cleanse that includes a 7-Day Step-Down Program with daily support and simple instructions. Our hope is to provide a solution for anyone struggling with health and weight issues. It is time to end the seemingly endless cycle for good. The program teaches you to rid your conscious and unconscious mind of fear-based limiting beliefs and your body of inflammation and addiction. It is designed to easily adapt to your lifestyle to ensure success. Making sustainable changes does not need to include fasting, eating bizarre foods, or exercising to the extreme. (Who wants to do that forever? Not us!)

Conventional wisdom states that it takes twenty-one days to create a habit, so that’s our winning number.

We have all the resources, now we just need you.

Give yourself the gift of good health this year and join our Wellness Revolution kick off on January 7th, 2013. If you are unable to actively participate in the guided group cleanse experience, we will both be providing free resources in our blogs and on our websites for you to continue on your wellness journey.

I hope you have a balanced and beautiful week, remembering that you deserve health and happiness everyday of the year!

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Love love love


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