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Hidden Dangers of Hyper-Positivity on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole
Today on the podcast, I’m talking about a topic that I am very interested because it has impacted my life so much: hyper-positivity, and why it’s dangerous. I used to call myself the silver lining detective – I was always going to find the positive outlook and focus on that, and never on the other feelings bubbling up below the surface.

You might think, how is it even possible to be too positive? But positivity can be used as a way of avoiding things like negative feelings, hard conversations, grief, and more. Listen in as I discuss why it’s important to really feel our feelings and why putting on a happy face might not always be the best idea.

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“I used kindness as an excuse to avoid either looking at the world the way that it actually was or having a difficult conversation. ” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • How I used positivity as a defense mechanism
  • Be careful of twisting positivity into dysfunction
  • How to balance positive and processing
  • What drives the need to be hyper-positive
  • What is a high functioning codependent
  • Why it’s unhealthy not to deal with your emotions
  • What are the pitfalls of positive thinking
  • The danger of disregarding negative feelings
  • Why you have to be flexible
  • What is the optimism bias

“It’s healthy and normal to process those emotions of loss, sadness, and real grieving without needing to make it okay.” – Terri Cole

Links Mentioned:

“Allowing yourself to feel this wide range of emotion both positive and negative really helps you find meaning in your life.” – Terri Cole




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