Good Friend or Frenemy? on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

Good Friend or Frenemy? on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeHave you had a friend who gives you backhanded compliments? Or who is always wanting to do an activity or meet at a spot that is convenient for her but not at all for you? How about one who gossips behind your back with other people?

I have been thinking a ton about female friendships, which can be really specific and particular, more-so than male friendships. Friendships between women can often go really far in one direction or another: they can be super close, like almost closer than a romantic partner, or they can be nasty and challenging. This is what we call a frenemy.

Today I’m talking about what a frenemy is and why it’s time to get rid of them in your life! Listen to the kinds of friends that can drift off or become frenemies and find out what personality traits a good friend has.

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“Just because someone used to have a pass to the VIP section of your life doesn’t mean that they should retain that pass forever and ever.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • What is a frenemy
  • Think about yourself in the mix
  • Why you act things out based on your origin story
  • What types of friendships are challenging
  • Why you need to evaluate your friendships
  • Different lifecycles can make it hard
  • What is a fork-in-the-road friendship
  • Avoid those selfish self-centered friends
  • You have to find someone who is a good listener
  • Remember that friendship is voluntary!
  • What are the characteristics of a good friend

“Without new skills, a new ending is pretty unlikely.” – Terri Cole

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“You deserve to have relationships in your life that lift you up.” – Terri Cole


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