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The Friendship Breakthrough (or Break Up) Guide is a Mini-Course where you will learn a step by step process to assess the friendships in your life, deepen existing connections, and attract new friendships.

We will cover the three foundational elements of healthy friendships plus provide you with tools, strategies, and language to negotiate for your needs, prioritize your preferences, speak truthfully, and sharpen your listening skills.

This mini-course is designed exclusively for women because female friendships can be complicated and possess their own set of unique challenges as well as beautiful opportunities.

Many of us can be loyal to a fault and have never honestly assessed our friendships. During the workshop, you’ll learn to identify which connections add value and inspire you on how to transform or phase out the ones that are draining your energy or causing you pain or anxiety.

YES, you do actually have a choice.

We will also look at options for behavioral or communication changes you can make to create the possibility for good friends or even acquaintances to become healthy soul sisters.

Remember, friendships are voluntary and can add indescribable joy and/or excruciating pain.

Gaining knowledge will give you the power to choose. Investing your time in attracting and creating fulfilling female friendships with like-minded and like-hearted women holds the power to transform your entire life.

The Friendship Breakthrough (or Break Up) Guide is no ordinary training. It’s a transformational deep-dive into your friendships with proven strategies to become empowered to create more fulfilling and joy-filled connections in your life.




  • You want to BE and HAVE amazing gal pals.  
  • You want better, more authentic and joy-filled female friendships.
  • You find it difficult to draw boundaries, speak truthfully or get your needs met in some of your friendship relationships.
  • You stay friends with people you really would rather not because the OTHER person wants the friendship, you’re afraid to hurt their feelings OR you don’t know how to end it.
  • You're looking to create and sustain friendships that lift you up, where you feel seen, heard, accepted and understood.
  • You're looking to avoid wasting your time on energy vampires, takers, and dead-end friendships.
  • You know there has to be a better way to create mutual, fulfilling friendships instead of repeating painful or unfulfilling patterns from the past but you don’t know how to do it.


Specific strategies to take an honest friendship inventory, without guilt or shame.

An assessment tool to help you instantly see where to invest your time and where to cut your losses.

An awareness of the unconscious material that could be keeping you stuck in unfulfilling or painful friendships.

A set of communication tools to draw boundaries, speak authentically & if necessary, end unhealthy or toxic friendships.

Insights on how you can attract like-minded like-hearted women into your tribe and deepen existing friendships and how to be a better friend.

An inspiring, therapeutic guided meditation to use to keep you grounded and empowered.

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In this mini-course, you will learn a step by step process to assess the friendships in your life. Plus a follow-up plan to make mindful decisions and take empowered action.

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Along with the training, you will have instant access to:

  • Friendship Health Assessment Tool
  • Integration exercises
  • A guided meditation
  • Friendship Breakup Strategy + Script
  • How to Make New Friends at Any Age
  • Workshop slides


Terri Cole is a New York-based licensed psychotherapist, relationship expert and founder of The Real Love Revolution & Boundary Bootcamp.

For two decades, Terri has worked with some of the world’s most well-known personalities from international pop stars, athletes, TV personalities to thought-leaders and Fortune 500 CEOs.

She empowers over one hundred thousand women weekly through her platform and online community.

Terri’s strategies combine practical psychology, eastern mindfulness practices plus harnessing the power of intention to create positive, sustainable change i.e. true transformation.

She has been featured as an expert therapist and master life coach on A&E’s Monster In-Laws, TED X, The Lisa Oz Show, Real Housewives among many others.



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The Friendship Breakthrough (or Break Up) Guide Mini-Course is a transformational workshop exclusively for women.

 This is not a therapy program, but for educational purposes only. 

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