The word “renewal” means to begin again or to replace what is worn out or broken. A time of renewal can be a chance to start fresh, reconnect to what brings you happiness or to release what is no longer working. I see Spring as an opportunity to renew motivation and inspiration in areas that may have become stagnant or as a time to re-access situations, relationships or habits that are no longer serving your highest good.

Several weeks ago I wrote about the importance of conducting a Psychological Spring Clean. I suggested making a list of all situations and relationships that have become problematic or no longer joyful. Hopefully, this process gave you a better understanding of what in your life needs your attention.

For many people it simply doesn’t occur to them to question the status quo. Honestly assessing your satisfaction level in all areas of your life may require you to take action in new and different ways that may be out of your comfort zone. This is when your fear mind or Mafia Mind, as I like to call it, will come up with very convincing arguments not to ‘rock the boat.’

For this reason, when my clients are in the process of assessing their life seeking renewal, I guide them to develop a daily practice that will fuel their progress. This practice has the power to create space between your thoughts which gives you more control over what happens in your mind. Your beliefs can propel you towards an amazing life, or hold you back entirely. Meditation helps you recognize that you have a choice in how you think. If you want to change or renew your relationships, health, finances or career, meditation can be the foundation for making those changes happen.

Think of meditation as a shower for your mind. It can clean up your thoughts and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. For the last fifteen years, I have started almost every morning with a meditation. My practice has helped me shift my thoughts on fear and experience freedom in ways I never knew possible.

Whether you are struggling to set boundaries with your boss, going through a health scare or are simply having a tough time, meditation can help renew your perspective and energy by clearing your mind on a daily basis. It also helps you stay grounded in this present moment, which minimizes concerns about the future and helps you let go of the past. By focusing on the here and now, you begin to experience the power of your presence in the present. Your presence energizes any part of your life you decide to focus it on.

Meditation = Daily Renewal

I hope you enjoyed the guided meditation above. To take the next step towards renewal, leave a comment below about what you’d like needs attention or an infusion of energy. I always love to hear from you.

Each and every moment possesses the possibility of a clean slate, starting right now.

Here’s to a weekend filled with the newness of Spring and as always, take care of you.

Love Love Love



*image courtesy of Mitchell Joyce

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