I was talking to my friend Ophira Edut (one of the twins making up the go-to gals of astrology, The AstroTwins) about fear of the unknown. She asked me my thoughts on why new experiences can create such fear and anxiety.

My best answer: It is because you can’t picture the experience happening. You have no prior information to use. Which is when you start to fearfully project what might happen.

When you have an experience, your mind literally lays down neural pathways (it’s why you don’t have to learn how to drive every morning you get behind the wheel). If you have never done something before, you have no cerebral roadmap, so to speak. You can’t access how the experience will go, what it will look like, how you will feel.

But, we are learning more and more that visualization can be just as powerful as an actual experience. And, as I’ve spoken of time and time again, now is not then, and even though you may have been in a relationship before, are expecting another baby, are changing jobs, etc., just because you went down one road before doesn’t mean this time will be the same…different characters, different time, different place, different you. And what you WANT to happen can play a huge part in what actually happens if you set that intention.

Ophira was relating this to when she was pregnant with her precious daughter. She had never been pregnant before, so had no experience, no roadmap, on which to base giving birth. All she had to go on was what she saw, heard, and read from others (most of them terrifying tales). As we talked, she recognized that what helped her in preparing for the fear that definitely gets kicked up when you’re expecting was to visualize every step of birth unfolding without a hitch and surrounding herself with uplifting stories and educating herself. In essence, setting the intention that her experience would be more happy than horrifying.

So, I want to toss this idea out to you. If you are embarking on a brand spanking new adventure, create a blueprint of how you want that experience to unfold. Visualize and feel the feelings of how you want this new relationship, job, role in life to play out.

In the comments, tell us: What is your new adventure? What are you truly afraid of with this new experience? Does using visualization help lessen the fear? Did visualization impact the outcome?

I hope you have an amazing week, embracing the unknown, and, as always, take care of you.

Love Love Love


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  1. ZuzanaHi Terri, first of all, thank you so much for you words. I have you on facebook and I read your lines every day. Very often itb4s exactly what I need to hear. My biggest fear is about my future. I am soon to be out of work (maternity leave substitute), building a new house in the home town where is no work (having a loan for the next 30 years), trying to get pregnant and after baby to set up a cosmetic business. All of this is a lot to take in one time but since I have started focusing on my thoughts, I am getting through much easier. Whatever gets in my way, I am really trying to understand why. I do have difficulties sometimes but because I have my dreams I keep going. I am trying to focus on myself instead of other peopleb4s thoughts, worries and anxiety. I am willing to try to achieve my dreams and always understand to what is happening to me. Your words help me a lot to get over my fear so thank you once again, Z.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! After years of reading/thinking about this general issue of visualization and ‘law of attraction’ it hasn’t fully resonated with me until now! I have a tendency to live in fear way too much and lately the phrase “leap of faith” has been showing up everywhere. However, I still couldn’t garner the courage to “leap” and that was causing me to beat myself up even more (the crazy vicious cycle). Your succinct explanation lifted a weight off me and now I understand both why I was struggling and what to do about it. My leap may well be into something previously unknown to me, but visualizing all the wonderful experiences to come from it will calm my fears enough to act on faith and jump. Plus, leaps into something familiar that had only negative outcomes in the past (e.g. being open to love/dating) now elicit feelings of excitement as I realize that I can build a bridge (“blueprint”) to the outcome I desire — I’m still taking a leap of faith, but where I land doesn’t need to be into the same old type of places that didn’t work before. Visualizing that, instead of just ‘knowing it’ on an intellectual level, releases the fear and sets me up to land in a better place.
    Thank you, again, for helping me to take care of me! I’m grateful to have ‘found’ you on my journey and wish you all the best.

    1. Nancy-
      So excited for you!! Your realizations will change your life and I can’t wait to see where your amazing one of a kind life journey take you YES to leaping <3

  3. Thank you so much Ms. Terri, as always, you are on it, in it, around it, and on top of it, whatever IT may be. Life after marriage, bummed relationships, enough of people pleasing, the children are grown and depending on others – a total reliance on GOD is what I am all about today and all of HIS STEWARDS who are KINGDOM BUILDING.

  4. Thanks for sharing this Terri! Your advice is always spot on. I have been using visualization/feeling the end result now for years and strongly believe it helps to shape the outcome.


  5. Have practiced creative visualization (Shakti Gawain) over the years and my idea about it changed after reading this post. Fresh! Exciting! A little less dreamy and more practical.

    My new adventure is going to be retirement. I am afraid of the financial part. I am afraid of being too much with my husband and just tolerating each other, instead of being interested in the other person’s day and interests. Have not applied visualization to this. Have to come up with a plan.

    Right now I am thinking it could be a different kind of independance.


    1. Marg~ the power of visualization can be used in any circumstance. As you move into this new phase of life, think of all the possibilities that were not available when you were working and imagine it unfolding with ease and grace. This is your and your husband’s time to do all those things you always labeled as “some day” This is an exciting transition!

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