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If you’re ready to release the blame, guilt and anxiety that haunts you and feel "pure happiness for the first time in years," then you need to…
Join the revolutionary 8-week virtual coaching program with Live Q&A that will guide you to heal your pain of childhood, with Boundary Boss and renowned psychotherapist Terri Cole
  We Live in a Culture That Teaches Us to Worship Our Fathers…  
 "Honor thy father and they mother..."

"Father knows best..."

"Fatherly love..."

From day one, Dad is often seen as the protector and provider. He’s the figure of authority and strength, the one who’s supposed to guide us through life.

(At least, that’s according to societal norms.)
What if life at home was far from perfect?

What if you had a terrible or simply bad experience with your father?

What then…?
So, What Is the Psychological Impact of Having A Father-Daughter Wound?
Perhaps you’ll save this page and read it in secret. You cannot believe that someone knows how you feel... Because until now you’ve been too ashamed to admit, that your Dad:

  • Lacked empathy for you, but rained praise on your sibling.
  • Expected you to take care of him. You were the one he leaned on.
  • Never let you express negative feelings, and stifled your growth.
  • Made you his ‘friend’ and placed waaay too much on your shoulders. 
  • Had a rough upbringing himself. (Sure, you had clothes, and food on the table—but he never let you forget it.)
  • Was an addict. And put his addiction before you.  
  • Abandoned you. (Yes, even in his passing…)



We could be talking about a grandpa, a foster father, an older sibling, or an uncle.

The bottomline is how you were treated, and the imprint it left on you.
So Many Clients Tell Me: ‘I Always Knew I Didn’t Have a Regular or ‘Normal’ Relationship With My Dad.’
Maybe this resonates with you…
I have an inner mean voice constantly telling me that I am not enough, that I am shameful and somehow to blame for my own suffering. 🤦🏼‍♀️
We never knew what version of Dad would show up one day to the next. We could be having a great day—and one look would ruin everything.
My father had an entirely different public and private persona. He was cruel and scary at home, yet everyone thought how lucky I was to have him.
For so long I tried to keep the peace and be the ‘good daughter’…
I feel love in my heart for my Dad. But I cannot let go of his constant blame, shame, and gaslighting. 💔
I just had to accept his passive aggressive comments even though they would cut me to the quick…
It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way...
You cannot escape your past.

But, if you decide to show up for yourself and do the work, there is a way to live without so much guilt, anger, fear or resentment.

Facing your past, and healing your Father Wound, is a profoundly powerful way to unlock your true birthright.

And that means learning what it is to be authentically happy…

To trust your gut, feel worthy of love…

And finally live the life you deserve.

So, take a deep breath and remember...
Right now, YOU are in the exact right place, at the exact right time to be empowered to take your life back.
Well Hello There, I’m Terri Cole
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Licensed psychotherapist, and leading global expert in mindfulness, meditation, relationships, and wellbeing.

I’m the founder of Real Love Revolution, Boundary Boot Camp and author of Boundary Boss: The Essential Guide to Talk True, Be Seen and Live Free.

I’ve worked with some of the world’s most well-known personalities from international pop stars to Fortune 500 CEOs…

Every week I empower over 1 million people  through my platform, online community and popular podcast, The Terri Cole Show…

And now I’m teaching you the exact strategies I’ve used for more than 2 decades in my psychotherapy practice, to help you break free of the pain and confusion that comes from having a Father Wound—and learn how to live in peace and freedom.
The only 8-week program that takes my world-famous 5-Pillars of Transformation and applies them to the pain you’ve felt since childhood...

Showing you how to face your past, heal your shame, and build a life you can be truly proud of.
Here’s what you’ll cover inside this one-of-a-kind program:
What is a Father Wound?
Your Paternal Experience
Your Downloaded Blueprint
Connecting The Dots
Inner Child Reparenting
Relationships & Self Love
Stopping the Cycle
Wrap Up & Resources
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Healing this primal injury and taking impeccable care of yourself are both vital for you to thrive. tending to the original injury of a father wound, you can begin to trust the process of life and trust yourself.
Learn to release yourself from resentment prison, when you accept your father's limitations without allowing them to define you.
Silence your inner critic, that internalized judge and abuser who makes you feel small, not good enough, and rips you apart any chance it gets.
Feel at peace in your own skin, in a way you never have before.
Finally stand up for yourself and have the confidence to feel seen and valued for who you truly are.
Stop renting space in your head to people who have been abusive or unkind to you.
Drop the need for control. Stop the cycle of feeling like other people are rejecting you when they don’t live up to your expectations.
Feel authentically happy. Find joy, delight, and gratitude in things that once felt like a burden.
Take your power back, and create a life you love living, with the abundance you deserve.
Create space in your life to discover who you want to become, and how you want to live.
Trust yourself, others, the divine, and in life itself.
Here’s What You’ll Get With This Program
  • 8 x Live Group Q&A Calls with Terri
  • 8 x Video Lessons from Terri
  • 22 x downloadable worksheets for all program modules
  • Proven tools, strategies and scripts from 2 decades on the frontline as a psychotherapist
  • Lifetime access to all program recordings.
  • A community of powerful like-minded, like-hearted women who share your experience, and are committed to their own healing—and yours!
Plus: All the Self Care, Meditation, and Energy Work You Need To Support Your Transformation…
Healing your Father Wound takes courage, intention and a great deal of bandwidth. We’ll revisit memories you’ve kept under lock and key your whole life—and you need to be kind to yourself in the process.

So, how can we fully support you in doing this work?
Self care. Real self care.
That’s why in every module you’ll find meditations, energy techniques, tools and strategies, customized for your unique place in this journey.
Listen, Stop Waiting for Permission.
This Is Your Call to Show Up.
You no longer need to answer to your father, seek his approval, or walk on eggshells in his presence.

And, if he was absent, that pain of wishing your life was different stops now.

You are not powerless.

Because from this moment forward, you are going to rewrite your future, and be the hero of your own story. Only you have control over your destiny, and the power to change it.

How do I know that?
Well, through this program I’ve helped hundreds of women bring themselves back from the brink, stop their legacy of pain, and end the cycle of toxic behavior…

Even when they thought it was impossible.

Women like Alex whose past was so painful, she was afraid to get married herself—and now she can visualize it…

Or Megan, who never, ever felt good enough, yet during this program felt the first rush of true happiness in nearly 2 decades…

And I want to help you feel the same.

But I don’t want you to have to pay thousands of dollars to work 1:1 with me.

I want you to start your journey now, so you can access the right knowledge to understand, heal, and transform your Father Wound

 So you can finally lay your past to rest, and take back your power from the fallout of self-sabotage, guilt, and misery that stops you from living a full and wonderful life. 
That’s why I created this 8-week program, and that’s why I’ll show up live to support you.

But I’m not going to charge you its full $5,200 value. (I think you’ve endured enough.)

has the power to change your life, if you’re willing to show up.
And if you’re reading this far, I know you will...

That’s why you can gain access today for just $997.

(And I’m offering a 12-pay option to make saying YES to yourself even easier!)

Know this: it’s my mission to help you ease the constant anxiety that makes your heart race—and build the calm, confident life you deserve.

So, stop waiting for permission. This is your call to show up for the child you once were, and the woman you are today.

Enroll now and I promise, I’ll meet you there—without judgment—and with love, understanding, and compassion.
  • 8 x Live Group Q&A Calls with Terri
  • 8 x Video Lessons from Terri
  • 22 x downloadable worksheets for all program modules
  • Proven tools, strategies and scripts from 2 decades on the frontline as a psychotherapist
  • Lifetime access to all program recordings.
  • A community of powerful like-minded, like-hearted women who share your experience, and are committed to their own healing—and yours!
 Money Back Guarantee 
We know how scary it is to put your time and money into a program that promises incredible transformation. But, we also know that this is absolutely possible—if you’re willing to put in the work.  But, if for whatever reason this program isn’t for you, we’ll give you your money back, no-questions-asked. That’s why we offer a 14-day, no-quibble money back guarantee.
I’ve got your back. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. 
Questions Your Fellow Peers
Asked About Understand & Transform Your Father Wound

We totally get it. And our number one priority is that you feel safe and supported.

The world is topsy turvy right now. And you’re the type of person that’s used to pouring into others...not investing in yourself.

So taking an online program that costs more than you might have spent on just yourself maybe ever?

It’s out of the comfort zone, for sure.

But if the past year has shown us anything, it’s that it’s nearly impossible to be happy (and it’s also highly uncomfortable) when our own wants, needs, preferences, and desires are not being expressed nor respected.

Now, if you truly can’t afford this program, we understand. And we want you to stick around because Terri offers advice in other places that will be beneficial.

But if you’ve got that feeling in your gut that says YES! I AM WORTHY OF THIS TRANSFORMATION... (that you haven’t been able to find through following the “traditional” path you’re currently on)...but you’re just a little skeptical, we offer a payment plan option and 14-day refund policy.

So that means you can get in today for just $97. Get your login information and check out the welcome content inside the course dashboard. Introduce yourself and start the morning meditation routine.

If you decide it’s not for you, just email and we’ll refund you your first payment. No hard feelings.

If you have an inkling that you have a father wound, trust me, you probably do. Enroll in Understand & Transform Your Father Wound for guidance and support. Part of the core work in Understand & Transform Your Father Wound is taking the time (and allowing Terri to guide you) to find out more about your father wound, how it shows up in your life today and healing steps.

You can learn at your own pace by setting aside 15-20 minutes a day, or a longer session on the weekend to do your integration exercises.

I recommend that you watch the videos and do the exercises as you get them each week, and estimate that it will take 1-1.5 hours a week to do the exercises and 75 minutes to attend or watch/listen to the Q&A Coaching call.

I highly recommend that you spend 10 minutes every day doing the meditation as well and add a self-love date to your calendar for the Q&A call.

We've also included two integration / self care weeks into the curriculum. These weeks are for you to focus on your self care or catch up with any exercises you may not have done yet.

Don’t forget that you have lifetime access to the course so you can always rewatch and revisit any content.

It's not mandatory to show up to the Q&A calls. We've had serveral students tell us they prefer the recording so they can listen to it in doubletime or stop and relisten to an answer.

Whether you attend live or listen to the recording, you have the same opportunity to submit questions in advance in the portal to be answered on the call.

If you have an inkling that you have a father wound, trust me, you probably do. Enroll in Understand & Transform Your Father Wound for guidance and support. Part of the core work in Understand & Transform Your Father Wound is taking the time (and allowing Terri to guide you) to find out more about your father wound, how it shows up in your life today and healing steps.

The course has both recorded and live components.

Every Wednesday, we start a new module. You will always have 7 days to work through the content before the Live Q&A Coaching Call takes place for that module.

You can access all the module videos, meditations, transcripts, PDFs, and more, by logging into the course portal which you can access from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

We have made it so you can also download the audios, transcripts, and PDFs and save them on your devices.

Plus you can ask questions and share your takeaways right inside the membership portal.

First, that’s totally normal. It’s really scary to start thinking about healing from a father wound...let alone hitting the GO button on learning how to do it.

With 27 years experience as a psychotherapist, Terri has designed everything so that instead of getting have a guide AND supportive community to journey with you.

You shouldn’t walk this path alone. But you should join and get help on your path if you have that gut feeling that YES!

You need to burst through your limiting beliefs, make a real change, and start to identify your truest desires...your truest self.

This is the path to better communication + better relationships. This is the path to more satisfaction, abundance, and success in all aspects of your life.

Boundary Bootcamp gives you structure, support, inspiration, and community as you begin your journey. It is THE place to start.

Let’s talk about “overwhelm” for a second.

Overwhelm happens when you do something different. There are many unknowns and as humans, we have a natural and primitive aversion to the unknown.

Here’s the thing. If you have been carrying the weight of a father wound around for your entire life...that, too, leads to being overwhelmed.

So let’s get to my tried and true way to manage “overwhelm.”

1. Being gently guided on the new journey by a caring coach with lots of experience.

2. Just get started.

I created this course to give you the freedom to be centered, grounded, and known in your life. Which is the opposite of feeling overwhelmed.

We will take our time so you are not changing all the things, all at once.

My detailed, step-by-step process plus the support of an amazing group of fellow learners, puts you on the fast track to transformation and empowerment.

As long as you promise to do your part, I promise to fully show up and gently keep you on track.

For clarity, this program is not a substitute for therapy but can be a powerful complement to it.

If you are in therapy currently, feel free to share the course information with your therapist to get their input.

If you have painful past trauma that has not been treated and that negatively impacts your life and relationships, this course is not appropriate for you.

I suggest you seek ongoing treatment from a professional trauma therapist to address your trauma.

If you have past trauma that has been treated, Boundary Bootcamp is appropriate for you.

The opposite! You have lifetime access to the portal!

Also, ALL audio content and PDF’s are downloadable so you’re more than welcome to save the lessons onto your computer so you’ll be able to access them as often as you’d like.

We would never want you to be unhappy, but we also want you to give your best effort to apply all of the strategies in the course.

Read about our 14-day satisfaction guarantee here

Understand & Heal Your Father Wound is action-oriented, purpose-driven, and transformative. We care deeply about you — our students.

Because the internet is so full of noise, It is designed to be a focused community where you can learn with other like minded individuals.

Instead of overwhelming you with psychological theories, my Father Wound Course gives you a proven step-by-step roadmap to identifying and communicating your preferences, desires, limits and non-negotiables one small step at a time. (Scripts included!)

If it doesn’t work for you? Get 100% of your money back within two weeks of the course starting.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Know This: You Are Brave and Courageous. 
And What You’re About to Do for Yourself Is Inspirational.
I’ll see you on the inside…