Elizabeth & Sukey Novogratz on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

Elizabeth & Sukey Novogratz on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeMany of you have written in to me saying you know you should meditate, you want to meditate, but you just can’t get your butt on a pillow! And forming a habit can be hard, but there are so many positive side effects from making room for a mediation practice in your life.

To help you get started, I’m interviewing sisters-in-law Sukey and Elizabeth Novogratz, authors of a great book Just Sit. This book is a beginning guidebook for anyone who has been trying to start their practice but is having trouble. In it they answer just about every question you have about meditation. Listen in as we talk about how to start your meditation practice and how it can change your life.

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“The biggest obstacle to meditation is discipline, it’s the actual showing up every day.” – Elizabeth Novogratz

Show Notes:

  • What motivated Sukey and Elizabeth to write a user-friendly meditation book
  • Why they decided to travel the world to experience meditation
  • Why you have to form a habit
  • How having more response time changes your life
  • What motivated each of them to start meditating
  • How meditating impacted Sukey’s grief
  • How meditation changed Elizabeth’s relationship to addiction
  • Why meditation is kind of a superpower
  • How meditation gives you accountability
  • What are the physical benefits of meditation
  • The value of having a meditation partner

“Once you do 21 days, you’re getting benefits and you start looking forward to it and it’s no longer a chore.” – Elizabeth Novogratz

Links Mentioned:

  • Get yourself a copy of Just Sit
  • Connect with Elizabeth and Sukey:

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“If someone told me all the things meditation would do for me, I wouldn’t have believed them.” – Elizabeth Novogratz

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