What do you think about your power to manifest things in your life? Do you feel like you’re in the driver’s seat or like life is happening to you?

I believe that we are all co-creating our lives right this second, whether we’re doing it consciously or on autopilot. If your life is on autopilot, Colette Baron-Reid on Hello Freedom with Terri Coleyour inaction is indeed a kind of action. There is something that happens (aka life) when you don’t decide, when you don’t change your focus from what’s not working to what will.

Rather than allowing your life to happen TO you, why not manifest every minute of it? I am a firm believer in the law of attraction, and using it with intention. I consciously hold gratitude for the good things in my life and I know this puts me in an energetic frequency to attract more things for which to be grateful.

All of this brings me to today’s guest, Colette Baron-Reid. She’s an internationally acclaimed psychic medium, a thought leader, bestselling author of The Map, a recording artist, and host of the TV series, Messages From Spiritas, as well as The Adventures of the Motorcycle Medium. One of the things I love most about Colette, and you know this if you follow her on social media, is that she loves her life and she lives out loud. Colette’s newest book is yet another reflection of her beautiful life. The book, Uncharted, is all about co-creating with Spirit in our lives, so that we can journey through the uncertainty into infinite possibility with intention and the power to manifest our desires. I think you’ll really like our conversation as we dive deep about Colette’s interesting journey and as she shares manifesting strategies from her new book.

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“The world is a conscious reflection of and an interplay between our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs” – Colette Baron-Reid

Show Notes:

  • What inspired Colette to write Uncharted
  • Why it took Colette so long to come out as a psychic
  • What changed when Colette filmed a TV show
  • Who is Fred
  • The five interconnected realms
  • What is the law of attraction

“When we co-create the life that we desire, we have to come from an authentic place.” – Colette Baron-Reid


  • How everything is called into being
  • How the realm of spirit is everywhere
  • What is spiritual narcolepsy
  • The delicate dance between intention and surrender
  • Why you should know life is playful

“Spirit is the source of our supply and wholeness is everywhere and abundance is everywhere.” – Colette Baron-Reid


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“If you do what you did, you’re going to get what you got. If you want something different you’ve got to try something new.” – Colette Baron-Reid











*Featured image courtesy of Stanley Zimny

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