Boundaries are the Foundation for Healthy Relationships on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

Boundaries are the Foundation for Healthy Relationships on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeIt’s time! I am finally kicking off boundary bootcamp season of 2018! In the coming weeks I am going to be talking a lot about healthy and unhealthy boundaries, communication, how to get your needs met, negotiating for your needs, prioritizing your preferences, and so much more.

Today I’m starting with why boundaries are important. To get back to the basics before we dive into some of the more complex stuff, we need to know why boundaries are a crucial foundation for all healthy relationships. Listen as I talk about what boundaries are and how fear, communication, and respect all play a role.

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“A healthy relationship is two whole humans coming together and creating something that is so unique and rare that it only exists when those two particular people are together.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • The problems with the classic love stories
  • Every relationship is unique
  • Why boundary-less love is chaotic and healthy
  • What is interdependent and how it differs from codependency
  • The different kinds of boundaries
  • What role fear plays in drawing boundaries
  • Why you have to respect your partner’s boundaries
  • You have to have open, honest communication

“The only way that a relationship can work and people can get their needs met is if you’re actually talking about what your needs, wants, and desires are.” – Terri Cole

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“You have to be committed to having the hard conversations and letting your truth be known.” – Terri Cole

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  1. Thank you Terri, this was very helpful information for me to hear! I just ended and 13 year “relationship” Because the man would not listen to me on any level, then wonder why I didn’t feel love for him!? I think he is has strong narcissistic tendencies and is super UN self-aware…..I Know… I tried to fix someone who can’t even listen to me…..LOL. But I am now on my healing path and your posts are extremely helpful, again thank you so much for caring to get the information out to us who choose to heal.

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