Boundary Bootcamp
Designed by psychotherapist, relationship expert, and master coach, Terri Cole, this 9-week program is carefully constructed to take you to the next level of empowerment in all your personal + professional relationships using a positive and proactive boundary skillset that no one ever taught you. Until now.

Boundary Bootcamp® takes you beyond your limiting pre-programmed beliefs or behavioral patterns to help you step up, speak truthfully, and express your wants + needs (simple or deep) with ease, grace, and (when appropriate) love so you can create the life of your dreams.

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Anxiety? Fear? Dread?

When you know you need to set a boundary with someone, are you more likely to…

  • avoid it at all costs
  • keep things “conflict-free”
  • just silently resent them, hoping that feeling eventually disappears

If you think your emotions might be sabotaging your ability to express your preferences, desires, and’re right!

Here’s another question for many of these describe you?
I usually think about what the other person wants/needs and try to work around them.
When I put up boundaries, people can usually wear me down so they get their way.
It’s difficult to say no, even when I don’t want to say yes. I just don’t want any conflict!
I have a lot of resentment for being the giver in my relationships.
Even in my professional life, I struggle with putting myself out there and speaking up.

Any one of those things can lead to exhaustion. More than one? Boundary Bootcamp is for you.

This program is for people who are exhausted from overgiving, overdoing and even over-feeling. Playing small and not standing up for your needs at work or at home can really take a toll.

But guess what? It’s not your fault. No one taught you this stuff about boundaries.

In fact…

We live in a world that teaches us to forgo our own needs, wants, and feelings. Self-sacrifice is supposed to be a good thing! So chances are...being a people pleaser and allowing others to trample on your boundaries has been happening to you since childhood.

It’s time to break the cycle. Be heard. And move from perpetual fixer to the Boundary Boss that I know you were born to be.

Show the world what’s acceptable to you
(instead of just accepting the status quo)


Life with total clarity on what is and what isn’t ok with you. And without the burden of always feeling responsible for other people and their emotions.

Where you calmly and gently express yourself to the people in your life. Where you know the exact words to use to…

... get your needs met.
…ask for help or support.
...say no in a way that isn’t pushy, selfish, or bitchy.
Imagine the relief you'd feel to finally be seen, heard, and known! Without the burden of hiding your true feelings. Or the endless compulsion to do crap you don’t want to do.

Imagine the sense of freedom and empowerment you’d have from knowing how to safeguard your requests and manage difficult people in emotionally charged situations.

No more constant worry about what everyone else was thinking and feeling. No more walking on eggshells.

There is a way.

An 9-week accelerator to better communication and relationships. This course is a proven step-by-step system based on both practical and positive psychology

I’ll guide you to a deeper understanding of self to discover your voice and learn to not only assert your boundaries but have people actually respect them.

Expand your potential for joy, happiness, and satisfaction. Exponentially.
It all starts with boundaries.


The happiest, most successful people on the planet all have one thing in common: the ability to create and communicate clear, healthy, concise boundaries. Hands-down, this is the biggest game-changer when it comes to profound and lasting transformation.

This skillset improves every area of life:

  • Mental + physical health
  • Career
  • Love
  • Family + friends
  • Community

Now it’s your turn to learn how to authentically communicate...

With ease, grace, kindness, and (when appropriate) love…It’s the only way to rid yourself of frustration and resentment, create relationships that are two-sided, and finally be deeply satisfied in every aspect of life.

Join Boundary Bootcamp® and be supported the entire way as you learn to draw healthy, flexible boundaries in every relationship and situation.

Four Things That Make Boundary Bootcamp® Unique

Chances are you’ve read books, taken courses, or gone to therapy in an effort to take better control of your life. And I applaud you. There is a positive ripple effect of awesome when you become LEGIT empowered in your life.

You become lighter, your energy brighter..and yeah not needing other people’s permission or approval for anything feels pretty damn good too.

Here’s how Boundary Bootcamp® actually helps you accomplish that:


The primary goal is to teach you how to fully integrate an entirely new way of being in the world into your day-to-day. A new you that shows up asking for what you want, get your needs met, and doesn’t feel like you have to apologize every 5 minutes for being your true self.

That’s why all practices, techniques, and concepts are informed by the 5 Pillars of Self Mastery to:

  • Deepening your self-knowledge.
  • Clearing away old stories that are limiting your potential.
  • Accelerate your personal growth without burnout or plateauing.

These 5 distinct stages of personal, emotional, and psychological development are essential to actual, real, sustainable transformation. When approached in a systematic, guided way, they hold the keys to deconstruct any corrupted fear-based information. And to replace it with the pure potential and infinite possibilities of your one-of-a-kind amazing life!

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This is not another self-help book or course that tells you what to do but not HOW. It’s a fully supported and expertly guided discovery of your

  • heart’s deepest desires.
  • greatest truths.
  • authentic voice and strength.  

Approached with a therapeutic methodology and applied practically, all of the exercises and tools are designed for use in your real life, in the real world.

Terri’s warm, real, direct, no-BS style is grounded in science and blended with Eastern mindfulness practices. All in an effort to harness the power of your intention and practical action-taking to create positive, sustainable change.

That means, step-by-step, you learn how to overcome any blocks around communication and actually practice how to tap into your deep intuition and build real intimacy and respect by speaking your truth.

But learning isn’t enough. You’ll also imprint them on your subconscious through therapeutic meditations, daily practices, and rituals.

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This program is designed to transform your internal and external experiences in just 8 weeks. But the new behavior patterns you’ll integrate during our time together will be with you for life.

As a special bonus, included is a comprehensive communication guide with the exact words + strategies you need for all of your most anxiety-provoking interactions. In both personal and professional settings, this is a resource students tell us they come back to again and again.

Imagine having the right and perfect words at your fingertips when you need them the most...with The Boundary Bible, you will. 

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If you know Terri, you know that this is her life’s work. And she delivers (even over-delivers!) the goods. There’s no beating around the bush or shying away from the uncomfortable.

As a licensed psychotherapist and master coach, Terri isn’t just giving you material to learn, she’s guiding you through ACTUALLY DOING with step-by-step instructions, then compassionately supporting you LIVE during coaching calls and within our private community...all so you can get your specific questions answered, stay inspired, and stay on course.

Instructor Profile

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Terri Cole is a New York-based, licensed psychotherapist, relationship expert and author of Boundary Boss: The Essential Guide to Talk True, Be Seen, and (Finally) Live Free

Prior to her current incarnation as a love and relationship expert, Terri was a bi-coastal talent agent negotiating endorsement contracts for supermodels and celebrities. Her lack of satisfaction in the world of entertainment led her to change careers in her 30’s to become a psychotherapist and female empowerment expert. For the past two decades, Terri has worked with some of the world’s most well-known personalities from international pop stars, athletes, Broadway performers and TV personalities to thought-leaders and Fortune 500 CEOs. She empowers over two hundred and fifty thousand women weekly through her published articles and blog posts, therapeutic meditations, online courses, and her popular podcast, The Terri Cole Show.

Terri's strategies combine practical psychology, eastern mindfulness practices plus harnessing the power of intention to create sustainable positive behavioral change i.e. true transformation.

She has been featured as an expert therapist and master life coach on A&E’s Monster In-Laws, TED X, The Lisa Oz Show, Real Housewives and had a weekly radio show on Hay House Radio. Plus she regularly writes for The Huffington Post, Positively Positive, The Daily Love, Well+Good, and has been featured in Italian Elle, Forbes, Origin, Vogue, Self and most recently was on the cover of Inspired Coach magazine.

And now she wants to help you step into the spotlight of your own life.

As seen on:

Terri presenting to students at RISE 2019

Terri with Davidji, Danielle LaPorte, Seane Corn 

Terri and her spiritual crush Deepak Chopra

"Terri is a master at guiding people to create boundaries that serve not only their highest but also the highest of those in their lives.

Working with Terri around boundaries has been game changing for me and has healed some of the most significant relationships in my life."

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Kate Northrup - Creator of Origin & Bestselling author of Money: A Love Story

"Terri helped me create a new, much more positive thought pattern of possibility around love. And it was really sanity-saving. Really, I’m so grateful. I still use this method when I have any future-focused negativity come up.

Healthy boundaries is one of the most powerful issues that women need to experience, and master. Terri really knows

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Danielle LaPorte - Desire Map Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Blogger

"You mean it's not normal to feel other people's feelings stronger than my own?"

That was the first of many life changing lightbulb moments I had when I began working with Terri on my boundaries (which were non-existent). Putting Boundary Bootcamp® into practice every day has completely transformed my health, energy level, work, and relationships. I am so grateful. 

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Dr. Deb Kern - Women's wellness expert, Author & Health Scientist

Through my work with Terri, I have discovered that stating my boundaries actually makes me more - not less - lovable.

And it means that ultimately, I have more energy, compassion, and time, which helps me to be my best self."

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Gala Darling - Speaker & Author of Radical Self-Love
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How Boundary Bootcamp® will help you be seen, heard, and deeply known in your relationships.

In Boundary Bootcamp®, I'll walk you through a framework which covers self-awareness, self-knowledge, self-acceptance, and self-compassion.

This is truly a therapeutic, healing path that transcends any quick is an entirely new way of functioning where you can operate from a place of calm, respectful, confidence no matter the trigger or situation and stay rooted in your own truth, passions, and purpose.

As your self-assuredness grows, you’ll no longer be influenced or pressured by expectations of who you “should be” or what you “should do.”

And with that comes complete clarity of what success and fulfillment truly mean to YOU.


Identify what your boundaries actually are (aka...what is and isn’t okay).

Calmly set boundaries with confidence.

Manage boundary bullies.

Feel safe expressing yourself in all situations, even the tough ones.

Stop abandoning yourself for the sake of others.

Share your authentic self (because how can anyone authentically love you, if you never let them authentically know you?). 


The codependency connection: Over-functioning, Codependency & Boundaries.

Why you have boundary struggles and how to overcome them.

Non-aggressive language and strategies to safeguard your boundary requests.

Watch as your internal life shifts from overwhelm to peace, from self-doubt to confidence, from blocked to liberated.




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Video Trainings

Each week you’ll have a new module to complete, focusing on a different aspect of boundary intelligence and building on the last. Guided by Terri, each will be up to 20 minutes long and you can access it from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Weekly Q&A Coaching Calls where Terri answers your Burning Boundary Qs!

Terri's favorite part? The Q&A! Answering your questions and seeing your transformation is her greatest joy. Bring your questions and grab a hot cup of tea and join Terri live each week from the comfort of your cozy couch.

Private Community 

This is a sacred, safe space where you can share, post questions and be witnessed by like-minded, like-hearted women while being led by Terri + Team TC as you become the boundary master you know you were born to be!

A Guided Therapeutic Meditation

One for each of the weeks to help you integrate new thought patterns and implement new behaviors. 

The therapeutic meditations are designed to impact your conscious and unconscious mind to accelerate new boundary behaviors.

Real Life Boundary Stories & Tips

These videos of real life examples, client case studies and illustrative stories create a deeper, more accessible understanding so students can more easily apply the new strategies into their own life.


Embark on an 9-week journey with Terri Cole and hundreds of other soon-to-be boundary bosses from across the world, as you learn how to establish healthy, clear, flexible boundaries.

You will be creating your own unique Rules of Engagement and learning how to express your truth so you can authentically be empowered in all of your relationships.
Boundary Basics

In this module, you will uncover why you have your particular boundary blocks and how to overcome them.

We cover:

  • Clarity on What IS and IS NOT okay with you
  • Uncovering any unresolved childhood or past injuries that drive dysfunctional boundaries. 
  • How to use the powerful 3 Qs Tool to reveal Repeating Boundary Realities  
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Your Boundary Blueprint

In this module, we will dispel the myths and reveal the truth about healthy boundaries as we dive into your personal boundary style. 

We Cover:

  • Boundary Myths 
  • Over & Under-Functioning 
  • Managing the Guilt & Fear associated with boundaries
  • Overfunctioning & The Codependency Connection
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Smash Your Boundary Blocks

In this module,  we will identify and remove your boundary blocks plus clean up the debris from past boundary disasters.

We Cover: 

  • The Lies We Tell 
  • Defense Mechanisms 
  • Repeating Boundary Realities 
  • End Boundary Martyr & Victim Syndrome 
  • The 3 Qs Tool to Bust Through Your Boundary Blocks
  • Clean Up Past Boundary Disasters 
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Starting Your New Boundary Blueprint

In this module, we are formulating your NEW boundary blueprint plus adding simple effective strategies to your boundary tool belt.

 We Cover:

  • Boundary Strategies with First Timers (First time you draw a boundary, language, and strategies)
  • How to Shut down Boundary Bullies (AKA Repeat Boundary Offenders) 
  • The Power of Creative Visualization
  • Boundary Mentors 
  • Your VIP Section 
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Getting Into Action

In this module, we strengthen your ability to stay calm and hold your boundaries even when feeling triggered.

We Cover:

  • Who Asked You? Turn Reactive Advice Giving Into Pro-active Listening
  • The Defensiveness Cure
  • Pro-active Boundary Success Plan 
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Proactive Boundaries

In this exciting module, we are drilling down to your true heart's desire to create boundaries that are aligned.

We Cover: 

  • Internal Boundaries
  • Power of True Self-Knowledge 
  • Aligning Internal Desire & External Behavior 
  • Dreams, Desires & Preferences Expressed 
  • The Power of Curated Advice
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Boundary  Mastery

In this powerful final week, we will be breaking down the specific words, phrases, and strategies to use to draw boundaries in a variety of relationships and situations. 

We Cover:

  • The Boundary Bible - How to Use it in Everyday Life
  • Learn the Language of Healthy Boundaries  
  • The Empath Code  
  • Learn How to Speak & Stand By Your Truth 
  • Create Your Energetic Hit List
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Have you ever avoided speaking up (about anything) because you CANNOT find the right words?

You are NOT alone! In Terri's two decades as a psychotherapist and master coach, this was a complaint she heard thousands of times which inspired the birth of The Boundary Bible!

Now you’ll have the right + perfect words at your fingertips...always!

In this comprehensive effective communication guide, you’ll find powerful non-aggressive words, phrases, and strategies for all of your most anxiety-provoking interactions. Whether you need help in your personal life or a professional setting, The Boundary Bible contains the most impactful language for truth-telling, conflict resolution, and vulnerability building.

Not Available Anywhere Else

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Practice talking true, advocating for yourself with ease and effectively expressing your deep desires. 

This Workshop has been a participant favorite where you get to practice proactive boundary setting in real time with me and other boundary course members !!!

Inside Boundary Bootcamp, you’ll be learning a new discipline, and as will any new skill, practice, repetition and support is key to long-term success and mastery. 

In our Proactive Boundary Success Workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to give voice to your unique boundary requests in a safe and supportive space and get personalized feedback on tweaks or shifts to make your language and approach even MORE effective.

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Designed to help you clear fear, worry, and anxiety when it strikes, so you can reconnect to your power and feel inspired to take action and move towards what you want... versus reacting to your past fears.

Use the exercises from this class daily to help you get unstuck and embrace your heart’s desires!

I’ve turned to Lara’s work for years now and I am so thrilled to share these energy practices with you. Clients report a big difference in the way they feel before and after these simple routines, moving from agitation to joy in minutes!

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Now this bonus might make you laugh...until you realize how badly you need it!

Ever been in a situation where you are just trying to say "Hello" quickly - and you end up agreeing to go for coffee, dinner, or to attend a weekend barbecue?

The "Hello & Goodbye" speed course will teach you how to do just that in a wide variety of commonplace situations...with ease and grace without feeling

  • awkward,
  • compelled to FILL the silence immediately
  • or agreeing to things that you have ZERO desire to do.

This #HelloGoodbye speed course will save you thousands of precious hours PLUS eliminate a boatload of resentment and anger that comes from saying YES because you don't know how to say NO.

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  • Boundaries & Addiction
  • Boundaries & Blended Families
  • Boundaries & Narcissists
  • Boundaries & Highly Sensitive People
  • Boundaries & Neighbors & Co-Workers
  • Boundaries & Frenemies
  • Boundaries & Your Device

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Learn how to end the pain and confusion of overthinking and second-guessing every decision big or small.

Become the director and decider in your life with confidence! Delivered through video and downloadable PDFs.

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The program is beautifully designed and is accessible via desktop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • Downloadable content for convenient offline access
  • Speed Up or Slow Down Videos so you can learn at your own pace
  • You can learn in your preferred style, watch, listen or read the content.
  • All videos are close captioned.


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"Terri’s work with boundaries is nothing short of genius. She gives you the skills, as well as immensely helpful language, to interact will everyone in your life in a more effective and easeful way. She has helped me sail through many sticky situations"

DV, Creative Director

"Before working with Terri I understood the concept of boundaries but they felt scary to set and even scarier to maintain. Terri gave me the language to say "no" firmly but lovingly and her lessons have helped me efficiently communicate what I want and don't want in my life."

Lauren, Alumni

"I HIGHLY recommend Boundary Bootcamp!! Terri creates a safe place for gaining awareness into why our boundaries are the way they are and for exploring what we actually want the boundaries in our lives to look like. "

KZ,  Alumni

"As a psychotherapist, I knew that I HAD to do this course.  I definitely saw improvement in my relationship with my husband, but I wasn't expecting my business as a psychotherapist to boom!"

J K-L, Psychotherapist

"Until I was 55, I had no concept at all about Boundaries! I didn't realize I had the power to say Yes or No to so many things I tolerated.  Boundary Bootcamp helped me with awareness, self-honoring, tools & language to begin to heal my wounds and care for myself. Would I recommend Boundary Bootcamp? Yes! Awareness is the first step to any transformation. I've become more decisive about who I am, what's OK with me, and most importantly, what's not OK. I am approaching a delicious level of authentic freedom!"

DC, 2018 Alumni

"Boundary Bootcamp is awesome and I wish it would continue forever.  It gives me guidance, support, love and compassion, understanding and last but not least the education I never had, but missed so much.  It has become my compass".

AN, 2017 Alumni

"I am deeply grateful to Terri.  My life has changed so much already in the past few months...and I feel confident to set my boundaries with ease and grace. 

Boundary Bootcamp is the best investment I ever made in my life."

GvB, Alumni

"My relationship with my partner is stronger and more open, I feel empowered and confident that I can have whatever I want in my life and I even have been negotiating a pay raise without flinching!"

LS, Producer/Writer

"I have consumer more self-help books than should be legal.  Boundary Bootcamp is without doubt the most life-changing thing I have ever participated in.  The format you use for livestreams and the website resources - it's so frickin' perfect!"

S E-H, Alumni

"Being in relationships that seem to drain me. I didn't have boundaries, did for everybody else and not myself....I needed structure in my own thinking about me. Of course I would recommend Boundary Bootcamp - I actually am more confident, have boundaries,  and while I am empathetic to other people's lives I am no longer sucked in to their problems.  I have realized that once I started it just keeps on going and my life is full, satisfying and why did I not know these things 20 years ago!!"

MP, Alumni


It costs thousands of dollars to work 1:1 with Terri,
but you won’t have to spend anywhere near as much

Terri has packed everything she’s studied, tested, and learned about the transformational power of healthy boundaries into this 8-week intensive bootcamp. Every tool, every strategy, and the words you need so you can finally be the director, producer, and star of your own life is in here.

If we’ve learned one thing in the last year, it’s that this type of transformation is needed more than ever.

Get it now for just $997

Learn from one of the most engaged, powerful teachers and thought leaders of our generation. 


This program is for you if you are authentically interested in learning the skills to become a Boundary Boss.

We know how much of a game-changer this approach, tools, and program can be for you if you do the work. But your satisfaction with our program is important to us.

If within 14 days of purchasing, you decide BB isn’t for you, just email us at and we’ll refund your entire purchase. That’s just the right thing to do.

Click the Button Below To Enroll in
Terri Cole’s Boundary Bootcamp® Course Now

Here’s everything you get when you enroll:

    Following the 5 Pillars of Transformation to create and sustain healthy boundaries and remove any blocks or limiting beliefs about your self-worth. 
    The weekly therapeutic meditations will target both the conscious and unconscious parts of your mind so that integrating new behaviors and thought processes will be simple, successful and sustainable. 
    Take your intellectual understanding of the content to the next level by personalizing it. 
    To answer your questions and help you successfully integrate that week’s tools and strategies.
  • Access to a members-only Private Community
    On our Education Platform where Terri answers your questions
  • LIfetime Access
  • 100% money-back guarantee:Within 14 days of the course starting so you can ‘test-drive’ Boundary Bootcamp®. If after completing Modules 1 and 2 you aren’t satisfied with the program, simply send us an email along with proof of your completed homework & exercises and we’ll refund your tuition to the program.
  • Amazing customer support
    (Team TC is THE BEST!) so you know you are always taken care of.

Plus you will receive the following bonuses:

  1. Boundary Bible - Gives you the right and perfect words and scripts at your fingertips when you need them the most!
  2. Hello Goodbye Speed Course - Learn how to say hello and goodbye with ease and grace without feeling awkward, compelled to FILL the silence immediately, or agreeing to things that you have ZERO desire to do.
  3. Quick Tip Video Guide Library
  4. Indecisive No More - Learn how to end the pain and confusion of over-thinking and second-guessing every decision big or small.

Special Pay in Full Bonus!

  • Digital Guided Meditation Bonus Bundle (Includes Terri’s More Love Meditation Series, Meditation Transformation, and Meditation Integration digital CDs).
  • Time Boundaries - Master Your Calendar For Success with Josselyne Herman-Saccio  -  Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Like you have "too much" going on? Like you are under water with no time to breathe or take time for yourself? Imagine being able to be the CREATOR of your LIFE, every aspect of it, not only the creator of the content or the TO DO's but the CONTEXT inside which those things are being done.
  • Master Your Emotions - Turn Upset To Access with Lara Riggio - This powerful training is designed to help you clear fear, worry and anxiety whenever it strikes, so you can reconnect to your power of choice and feel inspired to take action which supports what you want versus reacting to your past fears.


Here’s the truth:

People will continue to take advantage of your generous heart if you let them.

It’s only when we decide to do something different... and then take action that things start to change. Nothing changes until you do.

So now you have a choice. There are two possible paths.

You can keep doing what you’ve already been doing and keep the status quo in your relationships and life.


You can let me be your guide and move past the wall of guilt and shame standing in your way of creating and holding boundaries.

Why just survive when you can thrive? 



Here’s the truth:

People will continue to take advantage of your generous heart if you let them.

It’s only when we decide to do something different... and then take action that things start to change. Nothing changes until you do.

So now you have a choice. There are two possible paths.

You can keep doing what you’ve already been doing and keep the status quo in your relationships and life.


You can let me be your guide and move past the wall of guilt and shame standing in your way of creating and holding boundaries.

Why just survive when you can thrive? 



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Questions Your Fellow Peers
Asked About Boundary Bootcamp

We totally get it. And our number one priority is that you feel safe and supported.

The world is topsy turvy right now. And you’re the type of person that’s used to pouring into others...not investing in yourself.

So taking an online program that costs more than you might have spent on just yourself maybe ever?

It’s out of the comfort zone, for sure.

But if the past year has shown us anything, it’s that it’s nearly impossible to be happy (and it’s also highly uncomfortable) when our own wants, needs, preferences, and desires are not being expressed nor respected.

Now, if you truly can’t afford this program, we understand. And we want you to stick around because Terri offers advice in other places that will be beneficial.

But if you’ve got that feeling in your gut that says YES! I AM WORTHY OF THIS TRANSFORMATION... (that you haven’t been able to find through following the “traditional” path you’re currently on)...but you’re just a little skeptical, we offer a payment plan option and 14-day refund policy.

So that means you can get in today for just $89. Get your login information and check out the welcome content inside the course dashboard. Introduce yourself and start the morning meditation routine.

If you decide it’s not for you, just email and we’ll refund you your first payment. No hard feelings.

No, part of the core work in Boundary Bootcamp is taking the time (and allowing Terri to guide you) to find you your preferences, desires, limits and deal breakers.

You can learn at your own pace by setting aside 15-20 minutes a day, or a longer session on the weekend to do your integration exercises.

I recommend that you watch the videos and do the exercises as you get them each week, and estimate that it will take 1-1.5 hours a week to do the exercises and 75 minutes to attend or watch/listen to the Q&A Coaching call.

I highly recommend that you spend 10 minutes every day doing the meditation as well and add a self-love date to your calendar for the Q&A call.

We've also included two integration / self care weeks into the curriculum. These weeks are for you to focus on your self care or catch up with any exercises you may not have done yet.

Don’t forget that you have lifetime access to the course so you can always rewatch and revisit any content.

The course has both recorded and live components.

Every Wednesday, we start a new module. You will always have a week to work through the content before the Live Q&A Coaching Call takes place.

You can access all the videos, meditations, transcripts, PDFs, and more, by logging into the course portal which you can access from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

We have made it so you can also download the audios, transcripts, and PDFs and save them on your devices.

Plus you can ask questions and share your takeaways right inside the membership portal.

First, that’s totally normal. It’s really scary to start thinking about setting boundaries...let alone hitting the GO button on learning how to do it.

With 25 years experience as a psychotherapist, Terri has designed everything so that instead of getting have a guide AND supportive community to journey with you.

You shouldn’t walk this path alone. But you should join and get help on your path if you have that gut feeling that YES!

You need to burst through your limiting beliefs, make a real change, and start to identify your truest desires...your truest self.

This is the path to better communication + better relationships. This is the path to more satisfaction, abundance, and success in all aspects of your life.

Boundary Bootcamp gives you structure, support, inspiration, and community as you begin your journey. It is THE place to start.

Let’s talk about “overwhelm” for a second.

Overwhelm happens when you do something different. There are many unknowns and as humans, we have a natural and primitive aversion to the unknown.

Here’s the thing. If you have been carrying the weight of crappy boundaries around for your entire life...that, too, leads to being overwhelmed.

So let’s get to my tried and true way to manage “overwhelm.”

1. Being gently guided on the new journey by a caring coach with lots of experience.

2. Just get started.

I created this course to give you the freedom to be centered, grounded, and known in your life. Which is the opposite of feeling overwhelmed.

We will take our time so you are not changing all the things, all at once.

Boundary Bootcamp was created to teach you how to be fluent in the language of Boundaries so you can consciously create the relationships, career and life that thrill and fulfill you.

My detailed, step-by-step process plus the support of an amazing group of fellow learners, puts you on the fast track to transformation and empowerment.

As long as you promise to do your part, I promise to fully show up and gently keep you on track.

For clarity, this program is not a substitute for therapy but can be a powerful complement to it.

If you are in therapy currently, feel free to share the course information with your therapist to get their input.

If you have painful past trauma that has not been treated and that negatively impacts your life and relationships, this course is not appropriate for you.

I suggest you seek ongoing treatment from a professional trauma therapist to address your trauma.

If you have past trauma that has been treated, Boundary Bootcamp is appropriate for you.

The opposite! You have lifetime access to the portal!

Also, ALL audio content and PDF’s are downloadable so you’re more than welcome to save the lessons onto your computer so you’ll be able to access them as often as you’d like.

We would never want you to be unhappy, but we also want you to give your best effort to apply all of the strategies in the course.

Read about our 14-day satisfaction guarantee here

This program has been road tested for 5 years with results from thousands of students in from over 60 countries

Boundary Bootcamp is action-oriented, purpose-driven, and transformative. We care deeply about you — our students.

Because the internet is so full of noise, Boundary Bootcamp is designed to be a focused community where you can learn with other like minded individuals.

Instead of overwhelming you with psychological theories, Boundary Bootcamp gives you a proven step-by-step roadmap to identifying and communicating your preferences, desires, limits and non-negotiables one small step at a time. (Scripts included!)

If it doesn’t work for you? Get 100% of your money back within two weeks of the course starting.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

You can check out this page to learn what our past students had to say about the program.








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