If you’ve been following me at all, you know that I’m writing my very first book, Boundary Boss. (Pub date April 2021! Yay!) The full manuscript is due in 37 days! (ahhhh!!!)

But even though I’ve been in the writing cave, I’m still thinking about all the ways I can share tools and strategies that have helped me and thousands of other women make small, consistent shifts to uplevel their lives and bring you more peace, joy, and satisfaction.

This week, I’m sharing a deep dive training I did for my women’s ongoing monthly membership coaching program, Thrive Hive.

I call it: “Perfectly Imperfect”.

I’m breaking down how to balance being a high-achiever with perfectionist tendencies so you can enjoy the ride a little more 😉

SO if you identify with being a perfectionist you definitely want to watch this training!


If you want to get more deep-dive content like this and have more of an interactive, continuous coaching relationship with me, you should check out Thrive Hive.

It’s my mission to help as many women as possible get legit empowered to make mental health, overall wellness, and satisfaction in life a priority by providing the tools and strategies to get it done.

The Hive is one of my very fave places to hang out on the interwebs. Each month, I train on a new topic and help you learn and integrate transformational concepts and mindset shifts into your daily life. At the end of every single month, I do a live mentorship call where we catch up and I answer all of your questions.

Sound amazing? It is!

Here’s where you can get all the deets and join us in Thrive Hive.

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