Enjoy today’s guest blog from my personal social media maven, Amy Wettig from http://getsocialwithamy.com/. I knew nothing about maximizing social media for my business until I met Amy and know that many of you can benefit from her easy to understand way of teaching about Social Media. Check out her new social media program, Get Your WOW On!, starting August 8th, 2011. If I can tweet like a 25 year old so can you!!

Do you still feel stuck?

Feel as if you aren’t getting any responses via your social media? Feel like no one is listening? Or at least they aren’t responding to what you tweet or post?

Are you thinking, ‘What more can I do?’

Social media is hard, you say. Some people are going to say yes, it is hard work. Other people, like me, or going to argue that it is not because I completely enjoy every second I spend on social media whether it be my own or a client’s.

But, yes, it can feel hard if you are just starting out and you do not have a clue what you are doing. However, I happen to believe that lack of knowledge makes it hard. So get informed then get on with it. Just do it. Start!

How? Write about something that fascinates you or that you are passionate about. Your passion will shine through and attract attention.

Social media is not a one time deal. It isn’t a 1 tweet and you’re done situation. Social media requires a regular commitment. Think of it as a daily practice that brings positive energy and new interest and clients to your cause or business.

You cannot post on any social media platform until you know what your message is. What are you going to say??

The message is not an afterthought. It is the center of the game and must be well thought out before you start promoting.

In my personal opinion, Twitter is awesome! I always rave to clients about Twitter and the opportunities it provides. However, you must know how to seize these opportunities. Twitter is like a big open conversation going on constantly and unless you give people a reason to listen and pay attention to you, they won’t.

So whether you are new to social media or just want to be more effective, I hope you will take advantage of my Get Your WOW ON! course. Feel free to email me questions at your_girl_amy@yahoo.com.

Today is the day! It’s time! Let’s get your WOW on!

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