A couple weeks ago, I went to two AMAZING talks in one week at Deepak Chopra’s new HomeBase in NYC. I am on fire inspired that my favorite scientist/sage has a presence and is present right here at home.

HomeBase is true Deepak – cool and sophisticated and a hub for intellectuals and game changers. It is located in the gorgeous ABC Carpet & Home (888 Broadway at E. 19th St.). For those not from NY, ABC is not just a store, it is a design studio of impeccable taste; it talks the talk and walks the walk with a foundation that contributes to an array of causes here at home and internationally. They scour the globe to find beautiful, unique finds that are sustainable and give back to the communities and artisans who create them. Talk about radiating beauty from the inside out! A shining soul that beams forth into a shining showroom!

ABC is a perfect backdrop for what Deepak has created. He is inviting top thinkers, celebrities who use their status as an impetus for change, scientists, authors, and visionaries to be part of panel discussions and guest lectures. As stated on the HomeBase website, “In a time where humanity is facing some difficult, painful and mysterious questions, Deepak’s gift is more relevant than ever, as he is poised to ask the questions, create the inquiry, and host the solutions and the debate. The conversation raises the bar on integrity and intelligence.”

HomeBase is both a physical and virtual space with live events held at the facility and others done via TV, radio, internet, and other cutting-edge social media tools. Regardless of platform, all events are highly interactive to ignite a global audience to tune in, get informed, and become involved to, as Gandhi said, “be the change you want to see in the world”. The common ground of these iconic figures coming together and sharing is to spark conversation to create a peaceful, just, sustainable, healthy and happy world. The more their message is spoken and turned into action by more and more participants, the faster the ripple effect bringing all of us to a higher level of consciousness. Not a bad goal! I’m in!!!

Deepak & Me

Obviously, Deepak Chopra is a true inspiration to me, and I take any and all opportunities to share his wisdom. I encourage you to peruse the website, watch the videos, maybe attend an event, or send in a video addressing your point of view on one of the hot topics Deepak and celebrity guests are talking. The audience is small, so you might want to plan ahead to get a good seat perhaps strategically planting your tush where Deepak will feel compelled to chat with YOU…

Join the conversation and add your magic to this movement to elevate the consciousness of the world…our world.

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  1. I would be so grateful to be able to engage with Deepak Chopra in person about my spiritual journey in going back home, to my center…
    Many thanks

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