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“Healthy love is also sustainable love. It’s love that’s safe, it’s love that feels good.” – Terri Cole



Are there couples in your life who make you think, what do they know that I don’t know? They seem so happy! How do they do it?

Or do you see couples in movies or TV and wonder, does the kind of love they have exist, and if it does, where can I find it?

If you think other people have love all figured out and you aren’t sure how to figure it out yourself, this episode is for you. 

I am sharing my personal 20 tips for curating, creating, and attracting epic love in your life whether you are single OR partnered!


  • 03:25 1. Cultivate mutual respect
  • 03:50 2. Communicate honestly and authentically
  • 04:35 3. Keep liking the other person! 
  • 06:40 4. Create a couples’ vision to plan how you want to live together
  • 09:00 5. Listen to one another without trying to automatically fix things
  • 10:30 6. Value what the other person wants for themselves 
  • 12:25 7. Avoid ownership, jealousy, and punishing behavior
  • 13:30 8. Be an athletic listener
  • 15:00 9. Be willing to take responsibility for your mental and physical health
  • 15:45 10. Have fun and have sex
  • 17:10 11. Don’t interrupt, even if your partner is telling the story all wrong
  • 17:45 12. Be flexible and spontaneous as often as possible
  • 18:10 13. Admit your mistakes
  • 18:20 14. Continue being polite
  • 19:40 15. Focus on what’s right about them instead of what’s wrong
  • 20:10 16. Empathize with your partner’s pain, even if you don’t understand it
  • 20:30 17. Celebrate everything
  • 20:40 18. Be generous with physical and verbal affection
  • 21:00 19. Do things just to make the other person happy
  • 22:00 20. Don’t go to bed mad and don’t be petty.

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