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“There’s always a way that you can express a boundary request respectfully, politely, and with kindness. The sheer nature of creating boundaries in your life is not aggressive: It’s actually just truth telling.” – Terri Cole



Have you ever found yourself stuck in conversation hell at a family gathering?

Maybe you have a nosy aunt who loves asking you super personal questions you don’t want to answer. Or a cousin who manages to dump all their problems on you at every party.

Enough! Let’s get you some strategies and scripts to create better conversational boundaries! You can keep these in your back pocket for if and when these awkward situations arise, so you can enjoy your family gatherings and avoid conversation hell!


  • 03:20 Setting boundaries with people from your family of origin can be harder than setting boundaries with others because your boundary dance is the most established
  • 05:00 Boundary requests are not inherently aggressive.
  • Strategies to set boundaries at family gatherings
    • 07:00 Simply opt-out
    • 09:15 Redirect to talk about something you are comfortable with
    • 10:55 Reflect the question on the asker
    • 13:35 Use your body language to support your boundaries
    • 15:50 Explicitly express when something is unacceptable to you
    • 17:34 Use a boundary script to stop interruptions

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