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“I’ll pick livability over perfection every time, because behavior over time equals results.” – Liz Josefsberg


Today I’m excited to share my chat with weight loss expert, author, and creator of the Target 100 program, Liz Josefsberg. When I first heard about her holistic approach to weight loss and health, it made so much sense to me that I took her 10 week course myself! In this episode, we talk about ways to disrupt unhealthy patterns, set new boundaries around food, and target lifestyle goals that you can really live with.


  • 03:15 Liz’s origin story
  • 04:45 What makes Target 100 different from other weight loss programs
  • 05:35 The six pillars of Target 100: Weight loss is more than just diet
  • 08:30 How softer rules can make diets easier to stick to
  • 11:10 Setting boundaries around food and disrupting your patterns
  • 18:00 Why hydration is vital for weight loss
  • 22:45 The boundary struggle that pushed Liz to function beyond her limits

Connect with Liz Josefsberg:

Liz Josefsberg is a health, wellness and weight loss expert with over 20yearsin the industry. Liz worked for 11 years as the Director of Brand Advocacy, on the science and content teams, and as a Leader for Weight Watchers. In 2013she started her own consulting firm as a wellness expert specializing in behavior modification and wellness education through digital technologies. Liz is likely best known for her hands-on involvement in helping Oscar-winning actress and musician, Jennifer Hudson lose weight and transform her life. She also helped Jessica Simpson shed over 50 pounds of baby weight(twice!). Other celebrity clients include Charles Barkley, Katie Couric, Amber Riley, and Al Roker. Liz counsels both high-profile talent and everyday clients in all areas of weight loss, balance and nutrition. She is also the author of the revolutionary “Success Handbook” (2013,Weight Watchers) and “Find Your Fingerprint”, sold Nationally in all Weight Watchers locations. Liz authored her first book, published in December of 2017 to critical and industry acclaim titled Target 100-The World’s Simplest Weight Loss Program in Six Easy Steps.
For the past decade, Liz’s work has centered on advising and consulting for companies at the cutting edge of weight loss, wellness, and emerging health solutions. She has consulted in the wearable technology sector, created weight loss programs for forward-thinking entities, and has been deeply involved in helping technology-enabled weight loss and health devices come to market. Liz’s perspective is derived from her own65-poundweight loss success and insatiable quest for the newest information, technology and education available to help men and women achieve their goals with more ease in the everyday world. Liz has consulted for companies across the country and internationally, including one of the largest fitness chains in the U.S, Lifetime Fitness, as well as Misfit Wearables, LEVL, Life Reimagined, Optum, The Vitamin Shoppe, Pet Trax, Stash, and more. Her insights on behavior modification, consumer behavior, and customer service in the health and weight loss market have made her a sought-after expert in the field. Liz also serves on the public board ofF45 Training, a global fitness community specializing in innovative, high-intensity group workouts that are fast, fun, and results-driven. Most recently, Liz founded Target100 Inc., a revolutionary new approach to weight loss. Liz serves as the founder and CEO of the most effective, tech-enabled platform for weight loss management in the world. Liz’s lifework and vision led her to create a unique and proven methodology that is simple, approachable, holistic and truly personalized. Breaking through a fragmented market, Target100 quantifies what works—by pairing connected devices delivered in the signature blue Target 100 box—with an online platform. Through proprietary algorithms and insights, the platform delivers change and creates true personalization across the pillars.
You can find Liz at and

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