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“Just a spoiler alert for stepmoms: All the things you don’t have control over now, you still won’t have control over in 10 years. The change starts with you.” – Jamie Scrimgeour


Today I’m chatting about blended families and stepfamilies with Jamie Scrimgeour. She’s an expert on stepfamily dynamics and the host of The KICK-ASS Stepmom Podcast. We have a great conversation about pitfalls to avoid in blended families and how to appreciate their unique beauty. Along the way, we share some of our own experiences as stepmoms!


  • 03:17 Jamie’s struggles and triumphs as a stepmom
  • 07:50 Managing your loss of control
  • 10:50 How to recognize and avoid over functioning as a stepmom
  • 15:11 Letting go of over functioning while and feeling valued in your blended family
  • 17:45 How to break patterns of codependency, heal, and disengage in a loving way
  • 23:36 Bringing a new baby into a blended family
  • 27:30 The most challenging stepmom issue that Jamie hears about in her community

Connect with Jamie Scrimgeour:

Jamie is a mom of one, and a stepmom of three who speaks candidly about raising kids in a blended family. As a Life Coach with a Specialization in Stepfamily Dynamics, and the creator of the highly acclaimed resource for stepmoms, The KICK-ASS Stepmom Project, Jamie provides support to stepmoms trying to navigate their way through blended family life.

On her website and social media channels, Jamie creates content about all things parenting, step-parenting and blended family life. Jamie’s content is raw, real and relatable while always maintaining a positive spin.

Jamie’s loyal niche community of followers see her as the “go to” for everything from step-parenting to relationships to lifestyle choices.

Jamie has a BA Honors in Psychology a diploma in Social Service Work, and prior to becoming a Life Coach enjoyed a career in Child Protection.

You can connect with Jamie on her website, Instagram, and her own podcast all about step-parenting.

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