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“Yes, you should have inspired thought and inspired action, but you don’t have to work 80 hours a week in order to be successful.” – Sabrina Soto


Today I’m sharing a chat with my friend Sabrina Soto. She shares how she manifested her life as a lifestyle expert, interior designer, bargain hunter, TV personality, and mom, and how she lives that life with confident boundaries.


  • 03:30 How Sabrina became an interior designer and energy worker
  • 07:40 How Sabrina connected with Terri
  • 09:18 Sabrina’s experience as a first generation American child of Cuban immigrants
  • 12:09 What Sabrina hopes to teach her daughter Olivia
  • 15:34 Sabrina’s new show, Secret Celebrity Renovations
  • 16:55 Sabrina’s biggest boundary struggle
  • 21:58 Sabrina’s manifesting tools

Connect with Sabrina Soto:

Sabrina Soto is a lifestyle expert, interior designer, TV personality, bargain hunter and most importantly, Olivia’s mommy. She has a podcast called Redesigning Life with Sabrina Soto and a brand-new TV show on CBS Secret Celebrity Renovation.

An incredibly engaging and vivacious personality, Sabrina makes you feel as if she’s stepped out of the TV and right into your living room. Sabrina has been featured on TODAY, Live with Kelly and Ryan, Good Morning America, Rachael Ray, The View, The Chew, The Talk, and has appeared in publications such as TIME, Elle Decor, People, Huffington Post, InStyle, Esquire, USA Today, Parade, Variety, Better Homes and Gardens, Latina and The New York Post, among others.

Sabrina has enjoyed extensive exposure as host and designer of various HGTV shows such as The High Low Project, Design Star, Real Estate Intervention, and Get it Sold. She has made guest appearances on White House Christmas, HGTV’s Green Home, Bang for Your Buck, House Hunters, and as a cast member of TLC’s Trading Spaces. She’s also served as a judge on the ABC series, The Great Christmas Light Fight! Most recently, you can catch Sabrina as the designer on the new CBS primetime series, Secret Celebrity Renovation.

Currently living in Los Angeles, Sabrina juggles being a mom to Olivia, designing, consulting, and filming. When not working on a project, she treats her friends and family to her second passion of cooking.

You can connect with Sabrina on her website, Instagram, or Facebook.

Catch Secret Celebrity Renovation on CBS and Paramount+ every Friday at 8pm.

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