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“We start to, naturally, just shove our own needs down. If the way that we get love or acceptance is by prioritizing the need of the narcissist, then that’s what we do, because no kid wants to put themselves in the line of fire.” – Terri Cole



If you grew up with a narcissistic parental impactor, you’ve likely experienced some behaviors that would seem totally crazy or even unbelievable to other people. You know first hand what it feels like to have your needs go unmet when you were a child. To feel invisible. To have to care for instead of being taken care of. To never be loved the way you needed to be loved. To a real narcissist, they are the center of all worlds. Not their family, not their spouse, and sadly, not their children. 

In this episode of the Terri Cole Show, I help you identify the signs of narcissistic parents and explain some strategies for overcoming their impact on you.


  • 04:18 Signs of narcissistic parents
  • 15:32 Steps you can take to heal
  • 16:18 Prioritizing your wants, needs, and desires
  • 16:54 Getting knowledgeable about the impacts of narcissistic parents
  • 18:00 Honoring your anger

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